House of confusion: Chakwera, Mkaka contradict

Eisenhower Mkaka

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera on Wednesday said repeatedly that he is ready to meet with President Peter Mutharika but the party’s Secretary General has contradicted his boss.

Chakwera spoke after meeting with the mediation team from Public Affairs Committee (PAC) on Wednesday that he stands ready to meet all stakeholders including Mutharika to discuss issues that are affecting peace in the country.


He said: “PAC brought a report following their meeting with Mutharika and they were anxious to know if I would be willing to meet him face to face which I said of course, why not? Malawians need to talk face to face over issues that affect all of us.”

However, Eisenhower Mkaka, the MCP Secretary General, has insisted that Chakwera met the Public Affairs Committee to get a feedback on how the organisation’s meeting with Mutharika went saying there is no attempt to secure any meeting between Chakwera and Mutharika.

Mkaka further said that Chakwera cannot meet Mutharika as he is an “illegal president” and doing so would mean that he is closing the ongoing presidential election case.

“That would go against conventional wisdom: why would Chakwera allow the court processes to go all the way to the end and in between be saying he doesn’t recognize APM as president, only to allow meeting APM after the court processes have almost come to an end?

“Chakwera’s position has been and will still be that he doesn’t recognize APM as president and he is occupying that seat illegitimately! There is no meeting between Chakwera and Mutharika,” Mkaka posted on his Facebook account.