Muluzi denies selling Livimbo School

Atupele Muluzi

The president for United Democratic Front (UDF), Atupele Muluzi, has rejected accusations that he facilitated the sale of Livimbo School’s land in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Recently, the minister of lands Vuwa Kaunda told one of the local radio stations that the United Democratic Front president, Muluzi while serving as minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, facilitated the sale of Livimbo School land to a businessman.

Atupele Muluzi
Muluzi: I did not sell land

However, Muluzi through UDF’s National Publicity Secretary, Ken Ndanga has refuted the accusations claiming the minister just want to tarnish image of former minister.

Muluzi through Ndanga said all Malawians are aware of the commitment of the United Democratic Front to making primary school education accessible by all Malawians hence there is no way Muluzi can sale school land.

He said as a party they know that there is no any evidence to substantiate the allegations leveled against Muluzi and they believe that such a transaction ought to have documents which must be in the custody of both the ministry and the so called buyer.

The UDF Secretary further said that they are just waiting for the truth to be known shortly as Parliament through the relevant committee is investigating the matter.

“As a party we are waiting for the findings of parliament so that we can as well benefit from the information.

“As of now any assertion which attempts to implicate the president of the UDF is utterly a figment of imagination on the part of those peddling such lies.

“As of today there is no probe on the UDF president involvement in the matter by any organisation including the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

“These allegations in our observations are a calculated propaganda to dent the good image of the UDF president for political expediency,” said Ndanga.

He continued to say that it is unfortunate that some quarters of society have joined the fray without questioning the credibility of the allegations.

The party has since advised all its members, supporters and all stakeholders not to panic because Muluzi has not committed any crime.