Two women jailed over drugs


A Malawian woman has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison while a Ghanaian woman has been handed a two-year prison sentence for being found with dangerous drugs.

The two were found with the drugs last month at Kamuzu International Airport and were sentenced on Wednesday by the Senior Resident Magistrate Court sitting at Mkukula Magistrate court in Lumbadzi.

Adarkwa: jailed

The Malawian Harriet Namate was arrested on 6th October, 2019 while carrying 7 kilograms of Apomorphine drugs at the airport.

On 24th October, police at the airport arrested Sally Adarkwa who was found carrying 5.2 Kilograms of the same drug.

In her mitigation after pleading guilty, Namate aged 32 said she is young and productive to this nation.

She added that she was being used by other drug dealers and the quantity she was caught with was small.

On her part, Adarkwa aged 44 said she is old and is also a foreigner.

When delivering her ruling, Her Worship Cecilia Onsewa said both crimes were well planned. She also noted that drug crimes are commonly being committed by young girls.

She then sentenced Namate to three and a half years imprisonment with hard labour while Sally Adarkwa was sentenced to two years in prison

The two convicts are expected to serve their sentences at Maula prison.


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  1. Sentences that are given to culprits of drugs and killers is just like a piece of cake,they actually not punishments but verbal warnings.
    Come on judiciary wake up and raise the bar.The country is falling apart because of those bringing drugs,why dont they use it in their countries? If you continue with these verbal warnings,the future of this beautiful country will be like Mexico.THINK TWICE punish them so that when they come out of jail they must repent and say i will never again.Please!

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