Malawi needs to emulate Rwanda – Minister Botomani


Minister of Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Mark Botomani says he wants Malawi to be able to do what Rwanda is doing.

Botomani (in blue suit) with some of the youth

Botomani made the remarks during the farewell ceremony of the Seeds for the Future 2019 Children at Bingu International Convention Centre on Thursday.

The minister noted that Rwanda has developed its Information Communications Technology base to the extent of having a factory where smartphones are manufactured.

Botomani said as a Minister responsible for ICT development in the country he wants to see the same thing happening here in Malawi.

“It is my wish that what our friends in Rwanda are doing, we should also be able to do it here,” said Botomani.

He then expressed hope that Malawi soon will have a company that will establish itself to manufacture smart gadgets.

“As Government we welcome such Foreign Direct Investment initiatives because apart from boosting our economy and increasing forex, they also provide employment for our youth,” he said.

The farewell ceremony was organized to see off youth from different ICT training institutions across the country who are travelling to Beijing City in China.

The young people will later proceed to Shenzhen, the headquarters of the world’s leading ICT giant, Huawei Technologies Limited.

Speaking about the programme, Botomani said the Malawi government attaches great importance to ICT development as a catalyst for national economic development especially where such initiatives target the youth.

He encouraged the young people to bring back the technological skills to the country.

“Malawi is looking up to you young people to do what we, your parents, have not done or perfect what we had already started,” said Botomani.

He then thanked Huawei Technologies for being an all-weather friend to Malawi.

The minister also reiterated Malawi Government’s commitment in the development of the ICT industry in Malawi.

The Seed for the Future is a life changing encounter which introduces the students to the world class ICT infrastructure and hands on experience and skills.

This is the fourth cohort of the beneficiaries of the Seed for the Future flagship program since it started in 2015.




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  1. Tell that empty-suit of a minister that you don’t emulate Rwanda by vandalizing your own office, protecting thieves, stealing public money, and having a monster’s conscience.

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