Long queues form as fuel scarcity hits LL


Long queues have formed at some filling stations in Lilongwe and other areas as motorists scramble for fuel.

Many filling stations in the capital city have run out of fuel forcing motorists to queue at the few filling stations such as Total Filling Station in old town where the product is available.

Malawians at a filling station Lilongwe

It is feared that the fuel shortage will worsen if the on-going truck drivers’ strike is not brought to a halt since the drivers have been stopping fuel tankers from delivering fuel to various areas.

The drivers started demonstrating on Monday demanding the owners of the trucks to raise their salaries to a minimum of K300,000 so that they should match their colleagues in the Sadc region.

On Tuesday, there was a meeting between drivers’ representatives and government officials where they reached an agreement that the truck drivers should be receiving a minimum of K60,000 for ordinary truck drivers and K140,000 for fuel tanker drivers.

However, the drivers have told their representatives to go back to the negotiating table saying they are not satisfied with the agreement.