Donors concerned over political violence in Malawi


… Wants Malawi security forces investigated

Malawi’s development partners have expressed concern over post-election violence in the country.

Heads of mission of Germany, Ireland, Japan, Norway, and United Kingdom and United States have today released a joint statement on the political situation.

Protesters in Malawi

The donors have noted in their statement that the violence that has taken place since the Elections in May 2019, including criminal acts and hate speech, has resulted in loss of life, damage to property and businesses, and disruption to the lives of many Malawians.

They have called on authorities to deploy efforts to prevent further violence.

“There must be prompt and impartial investigations into all criminal acts, ensuring due process is followed. Holding individuals to account for their actions without discrimination is key,” their statement says.

The development partners have also called on Malawian authorities to investigate without delay allegations of misconduct by security forces since the elections.

While acknowledging the rights of all Malawians to freedom of peaceful assembly and association as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi, the donors have urged protesters to ensure peaceful expression of views.

“It is especially important for all sides to refrain from violence or the incitement to violence, that international standards on the use of force are adhered to, and law and the rule of law are respected,” reads part of the statement.

The donors have reminded people in the country on the need for open and inclusive dialogue in view of consolidating democracy and accelerating saying it is the only way forward and would have our full support.

They have further urged political parties involved in the presidential election court case to respect the outcome, and to take tangible steps to ensure that their supporters do the same.

Meanwhile, the donors have assured that they remain in partnership with Malawi and Malawians, on their path to pursuing their goal of a bright future for all.

“We hope Malawi will maintain its reputation as a peaceful and stable nation,” their statement says.