UTM says govt’s claims are ridiculous and careless

Maize scandal

UTM Party has rejected government’s claims that members of the party are conspiring with others to cause chaos and overthrow the government.

The party’s spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga described the accusations as absurd, stupid and irresponsible.

Maize scandal
Malunga : It’s stupid

On Friday, Minister of Information Mark Botomani issued a statement claiming that UTM, Malawi Congress Party and the Human Rights Defenders Coalition are planning to recruit thugs and burn markets across the country every week.

Responding to the statement later on Friday, Malunga said the accusations are clearly reflective of the acute dearth of leadership on the part of President Peter Mutharika and the advisors that surround and mislead him.

He added that any serious Government worth its salt would treat any tips of conspiracy to commit crimes nationwide including treason seriously.

“Treating such tips seriously requires using the state law enforcement machinery to thwart such devious plans by thoroughly investigating such allegations, arresting all suspects and prosecuting them following due process.

“You do not fight such high crimes by hastily arranging a shoddy press conference to simply attack political opponents offering no single piece of evidence of criminality. This is simply ingenuous, stupid and irresponsible,” he said.

Malunga then demanded Botomani and Mutharika to reveal to the nation of Malawi the evidence the government has against the UTM.

He also urged Mutharika and the members of his Cabinet to desist from trying to “shore up their floundering legitimacy by fabricating totally false stories and attempting to instill fear in the people of this country.”pRESIDEN

He further called on the Malawi leader to fire Botomani saying the minister is out of his depth.