Tuesday demos cost Malawi


A series of demonstrations which happened in cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe on Tuesday have had a devastating effect on the nation.

BSS students after the school was closed

There were protests at Nsundwe Trading Centre in Lilongwe against President Peter Mutharika, in an effort to stop his planned rally in the capital. In the South, students of Blantyre Secondary School took to the streets of the city in demonstrating against their school administration for corruption allegations.

In Limbe, vendors reigned terror in protest against Blantyre City Council’s decision to relocate them from the streets to the market.

In Machinga, students at Machinga Teachers Training College also stormed the streets over water issues at the college.

The events led to a policeman losing his life after being stoned by an angry mob in the capital, property damage in Limbe and the closure of Blantyre Secondary School.

The spirit of demonstrations has been spreading in the country since Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) started organising protests in the aftermath of the 2019 tripartite elections. Such events are having a negative bearing on different areas.

In his speech, while addressing a rally in the capital yesterday, President Peter Mutharika called upon Malawians involved in the protests to think about the harm they are doing this nation by resorting to violence.


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