EU Ambassador condemns violent protestors for brutal murder of police officer

European Union Ambassador to Malawi Sandra Paesen has spoken tough against the brutal killing of a police officer during Tuesday’s protests at Nsundwe Trading Centre in the capital Lilongwe.

Imedi: killed

There was tension at the said trading on Tuesday when people mobilised to stop President Peter Mutharika’s rally in Lilongwe. Events took an ugly twist as the protesters and police were embroiled in running battles which led to the death of Superintendent Imedi.

In a tweet made earlier today, the EU Ambassador has condemned the violence. She has also asked if the police officer deserved dying in such a fashion.

“I’m asking all Malawians today: did Police Superintendent Imedi deserve to be killed by stoning?

As the Ambassador of the European Union in Malawi, I say no to violence from police to citizens, from citizens to police. I say no to violence!” Paesen tweeted.

She echoes President Mutharika’s words in her condemnation of violence. During the rally yesterday, the president also condemned the brutal killing of the police officer.

Commenting on Paesen’s post, Malawians on Twitter joins the EU Ambassador in condemning the violence.

“No to violence. It never achieves, anything,” commented Tumpale Phiri.

While Malawi Danga Mughogho believes the system is to blame for violence. He argues if the state is lawless, the citizenry follows suit.

“The African governance story: political violence is the end result of poor governance which makes people doubt government bona fides and mistrust anything it says. The incapacity of the state confirms doubts about its legitimacy. If the state is lawless people become so too,” argues Mughogho.


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  1. “Danga Mughogho … argues if the state is lawless, the citizenry follows suit.”

    Exactly. So, EU Ambassador, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Did you tweet anything about the police killing that kid with teargas at QECH? What about the police denying medical attention to a certain Phiri in Mzuzu, who died after a beating? And did someone not get shot in the back by police last week in Lilongwe? Any tweets for those cases?

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