MEC warns electoral staff against complacency

As by-election activities are underway in Lilongwe South Constituency, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has issued a stern warning to electoral staff against complacency.

The commission sounded the alarm during the training of the Election Supervisors and Biometric Voter Registration Kit (BVRK) operators.

Commissioner Elvey Mtafu (left) getting briefed by a MEC Official as another looks on

Speaking at the opening of the refresher training in Malingunde, Commissioner Elvey Mtafu warned the trainees that MEC will not tolerate indiscipline.

“Be punctual on your job please because everyone will be watching you and when you go out there to work remember that the delivery of credible by-elections in this Constituency starts with following your work plan,” said Mtafu.

She also reiterated the need for the trainees to be impartial in their duty and described the training as crucial for the effective delivery of the electoral process.

Commenting on the matter, one of the participants, Vitumbiko Manda hailed the impact of the training and emphasized on their preparedness.

“We are ready to do our job as we did before and without fear or favor because this stage is key in the whole electoral process,” he said.

The trainees were grilled on the voter registration and elections management system during the training.