Tanzania dares Malawi with MV Mbeya II


Tanzania over the weekend introduced a ferry, MV Mbeya II, on Lake Malawi at Itunga Port in Kyela.

A video shared on social media shows the ferry being lowered into the lake with onlookers cheering when the process was completed.

The ship will be ferrying people and cargo between Malawi and its neighbour Tanzania.

MV Mbeya II being lowered on Lake Malawi

Last year, Tanzania also introduced two ships, MV Njombe and MV Ruvuma, to be ferrying goods between the two countries.

Tanzanian officials said at the time that the move was aimed at enhancing bilateral relations between the two neighbours.

Malawi and Tanzania have been fighting over a part of Lake Malawi which Tanzania says it owns. Malawi has always insisted that the whole lake belongs to it.

Mediation talks on the wrangle have not been held for some time now.

President Peter Mutharika is on record to have assured that Malawi will not give up any part of the lake to Tanzania arguing Malawians own the whole lake.

Last month, Mutharika commissioned two warships and four high speed boats which he said will enhance the Malawi Defence Force’s capability to conduct coastal patrols.



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  1. I feel sorry to the Malawi government, for not putting more effort in the protection of Malawi’s resources (Lake Malawi)that any other country is willing it could have. But due to leadership insensitive ,the government has proved clearly to the Malawians that are no longer interested in having natural resources. As such, there are selling them to other countries in the name of bilateral relations.

    If this keep on going, Tanzania will benefit more in economy than owners since taxation will no longer be charged to them in ferrying of goods between two nations

    I would have loved, if the Malawi government could a step further in dealing with this scenario since mediation talks aren’t helping because of politics.

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