Protesters assault journalists


Anti-Jane Ansah protesters in Lilongwe have attacked two journalists for taking pictures during today’s demonstrations.

The protesters claimed that the two, Nation Publications’ Golden Matonga and Gladys Nthenda of Kulinji, were sent by the police to take pictures of marchers.

Matonga (in dark blue shirt) was attacked

The attackers stole Matonga’s phone, cash and wallet during the incident.

Nthenda told the news site Kulinji that the incident was traumatising and embarrassing. She added that she tried to show the mob her ID but they did not stop attacking her.

“They tore my clothes, I was rescued by an MDF officer who escorted me to a nearby Times vehicle after which I left for the Kulinji car which was waiting for me,” she said.

The incident happened at Kamuzu Central Hospital as the protesters were marching to Parliament where they expected to deliver a petition.

Organizers of the demonstrations, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition, want Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah to resign. The group accuses Ansah of mishandling the May 21 elections.

Today’s demonstrations are being conducted in Mzuzu, Blantyre and Lilongwe. Protesters will also storm the streets on Thursday and Friday