Poor management of Simso League angers teams


Disagreements erupted at this year’s Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) mid-season review meeting on Saturday following NFRA’s failure to present a financial report for the Northern Region league.

The football teams expressed worry over the poor management of the league by the current executive committee.

At the start of the review meeting, NRFA chairperson Lameck Khonje said the participants should discuss ways of improving the league.

“There is a lot to discuss to find ways of improving our football and how we moved in the first round of the league, although we are not going to provide you with financial report since the Treasure Mwasinga Chauka gone to a funeral ceremony,” Khonje said.

The teams were angered by the announcement saying they wanted to know how the resources were used.

“We cannot condone the hiding of the financial reports every time we meet, and we have told the executive to produce the financial report by 7th of September, and definitely we are going to take them to task to do that. They are running the league as their personal estate and we are not going to allow that to be happening,” Rumphi United’s Chiza Mkandawire said.

Defending the matter Masiya Nyasulu General Secretary of NRFA said this requires treasure to explain better.

“Always it requires the treasurer to be around each time the financial report is distributed because there is need for it to be scrutinized,

“And it is not the clubs who demanded the financial report, it is us the league officials who said the report will be sent to them for a possible scrutiny before that 7th day of September,” Nyasulu said.

Nyasulu also added that there is no hope that the sponsorship of the K5 million league could be raised anytime soon.

During the meeting a number of issues were also tabled They included  poor officiating, game abandonments and Mpira Connect which ensures that players are systematically registered with the Football Association of Malawi (FAM).