RENAMA fighting energy poverty in rural schools


In a quest to reduce energy poverty in the country, Renew‘N’Able Malawi (RENAMA) is installing solar panels in rural schools.

Through Sukulu Yowala project, RENAMA has been geared to install solar power to help in improving the quality of education in Malawi.

A drama performance during the event

RENAMA’s Advocacy Officer Kenneth Mtago said the project will help learners in rural areas of the country to work hard by alleviating challenges of studying at night using other sources of light.

“The Project aims at promoting teacher retention in hard to reach areas that are off grid. It is our hope that that the project is also to help in improving passing and selection rate of learners to district and national secondary schools,” said Mtago.

One school that has benefited from the project is Kwanjana FP School in Thyolo district.

The head teacher Blessings Nalala applauded RENAMA for the project as he hopes to see more learners doing well with their studies.

“Not only learners but also us as teachers we are to benefit a lot, because sometimes we do have work to do at night and we use torches as a source of light, but now we will be able to work comfortably any time” said Nalala.

Concurring with the headteacher, Emmanuel Vimbani who is a parent to a student at Kwanjana School expressed hope that learners are to be doing well with their studies as they will be studying under the supervision of teachers at the school.

RENAMA is implementing Sukulu Yowala project with support from Scottish Government through International Resources and Recycling Institute.