DMI stabbing scandal in the air


DMI University students have once again made headlines for all the wrong reasons, this time hell has broken loose on the grounds of love.

In a latest development, a man identified as Panji has fallen victim to a woman’s stabbing. It has been revealed, a woman in the name of Yvette pierced a pair of scissors into Panji’s fresh.

Panji: Stabbed

According to reports, Panji has faced the music for cheating on Yvette with Rachel.

People are commenting on the matter with some sympathizing with the victim, while others believe poetic justice just had to take its course.

This is the second time the University’s name has been painted black due to some students’ immorality. Early this year, some students enrolled with the institution recorded a sexually explicit video which went viral on cyberspace.

However, details regarding the incident remain sketchy with a lot yet to be established. In this regard, Malawi24 cannot independently confirm the case.



  1. Rubbish. Your English sucks. Even you if can write your story in chichewa we will still know that you are just another asshole that has no facts on this story

  2. Mpaka fresh and not flesh??? amalawi anzangaaaa

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