Jesus visits Africa


In case you missed it, Jesus Christ was in Africa over the weekend for a church service in Kenya.

Video of the heavenly event showing ‘Christ’ dancing ‘to praise and worship’ songs in a kwasa-kwasa style shaking his waist went viral on social media.

No one comes to the father except through me

The event, according to allAfrica, started with the host, a Kenyan pastor, announcing that he had invited Jesus to come down to his church.

Immediately, the white Jesus appeared – complete with long blond hair and wearing a robe.

He joined the congregation who were dancing and celebrating Christ’s arrival.

He was driven in a convoy along the streets of Kiseria waving the onlookers.


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  1. Jesus Christ forgive us ,bcoz I don’t know where am going to.this is different story to compare with Bible, so it’s only God knows about this.

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