Sparc opens another branch in Zambia


Sparc Systems has opened another branch in Copperbelt, Zambia following growing demands of its IT Solutions in the neighbouring country.

The company’s Managing Director Wisely Phiri said having two branches in Zambia including the Lusaka Office will help the company easily serve its clientele.

“We have been supporting Zambia market for some time as our engineers would fly from Malawi if needed on the ground and also through remote support. So we knew the Zambia market well. Last year January we decided to open a physical office in Lusaka having been satisfied with the number of businesses coming from Zambia,” he said.

Phiri said Sparc’s business in Zambia has grown tremendously and towards the end of last year the company received numerous request from Copperbelt for IT solutions.

“We had won some contracts there. We decided to be closer to our clients in Copperbelt and offer solutions tailored around their needs.

The business in Copperbelt is different since most of the companies there are from the mining sector. This meant we had to innovate fast and offer tailored solutions to these customers which are different from our traditional customers who are the banks, telecommunications sectors and governments entities. Currently we have a number of mines we are supporting apart from other companies in Copperbelt,” he said.

Phiri said establishing physical offices in Zambia has helped Sparc cement itself as leaders on offering enterprise IT solutions.

“And again going into Copperbelt brings in another dimension to our IT support and services. The mining sector is different and requires a different kind of thinking. We noticed we could not support these clients from our Lusaka office where most of our clients there are banks, government entities and telecommunications companies. “Opening the branch in Copperbelt gives us another business line and also a different way of thinking. As of now we can proudly say we are supporting the mines and should be able to support countries with mining industries with our IT innovations,” he said.

So far Sparc Systems is offering solutions around IT security, IT infrastructure, operating systems and databases, high availability and disasters recovery solutions and many more.

Some of the company’s which Sparc is working with in Zambia include

MTN Zambia, Zanaco Bank, Barclays Bank, Rural Electrification

Authority, Workers Compensation, Zesco, Lubambe mines and, Chibuluma mines among others. Phiri said Sparc was developing steadily because of innovative products and skills that sets apart.

“We have engineers skilled at a global level meaning the skills we have under Sparc are at the same level as engineers you would find in USA or India. We have invested a lot in engineers such that Manufacturers of IT products like Oracle, IBM and others have recognised us as warranty center or field delivery partner,” he said.