Half of Malawians believe Mutharika is corrupt

Malawi President

…as number of people paying bribes increases

A majority of Malawians think corruption has increased in the past 12 months with close to half of the population believing President Peter Mutharika is corrupt.

Meanwhile, more Malawians blame government for doing a bad job and failing to fight corruption.

Malawi President
Mutharika: Malawians believe he is corrupt

These findings have been published in the 10th edition of the Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) that has just been released by Transparency International that tracks and fights corruption.

Working in several countries across the world, the organisation’s mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.

The 10th edition of the Global Corruption Barometer has been compiled following a survey undertaken in several countries.

A snippet of the report focusing on Malawi shows that about 80 in every 100 people think the government is doing a very bad job in the fight against corruption.

It is further revealed by the report that less than half of the population believe that they have what it takes to fight corruption, with only 48 percent thinking “that ordinary citizens can make a difference in the fight against corruption”.

According to the report, 72 people in every 100 people in Malawi believe corruption has increased.

The number of people paying bribes has also increased from 13 percent in 2013 to 28 percent. Police officers, immigration officers and civil servants working in public schools lead the chart that depicts areas where people often pay bribes.

On highly corrupt offices and officers, Mutharika only comes second to the police where traffic officers are widely known as ‘bribe experts’.

The report comes on the heels of recent leaks that revealed President Peter Mutharika received kickbacks from business gurus.

Despite his boss leading on the chart, Malawi vice President Everton Chimulirenji said this week when he presided over an orientation of newly appointed cabinet ministers that the Mutharika administration is committed in making corruption history in the country.



  1. Immigration officers thats true there is too much corruption

  2. The Vice President is talking to ministers not to be corrupt. Can the president be corrupt?

  3. If the corruption is starting by the president I mean tipex who am I

  4. Yes we talk of corruption, Malawi is at it’s best when it comes to corruption. We are talking of corruption at the highest level not these K600 the Minibus Conductors are asked to give to the Traffic Police Officers in Blantyre BUT the real corruption which is siphoning Malawi’s wealth. Mutharika’s big problem is that he is living in a bubble of selfish & greedy mafias who can do anything as long as they get their hands in the honey jar.

  5. When one says Traffic police in Malawi are corrupt, the answer can be yes, but you have to understand them first .
    They are there helping the majority in Malawi as well because having a motor vehicle is expensive in Malawi therefore to make your car perfect, suitable on the roads of Malawi kkkkkk it’s not a joke fines are also too high to pay on the spot. For example you have worn out tyre the fine is K10000.00 if you have K2500 what can you do?
    The money is given to the because is what you have.
    Later on they will add to someone’s money of the same issue and write a receipt. People have no money but the government have.
    Money in the government is stolen in huge amounts so how do you think one can pay in full if the money is just stolen. Bull shit.

  6. I am corrupt. My president is corrupt. We are both very happy.

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