She is a hypocrite: Malawians weigh in on Seodi White tears


Malawians have accused Seodi White of shedding crocodile tears saying she also led demonstrations against Malawi’s first female president Joyce Banda.

White, a gender activist and a Chief Director at the Public Sector Reforms Management Unit, on Monday surprised Malawians when she delivered a tearful speech at a press briefing in Blantyre.

White accused people protesting against Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah of victimising Ansah because she is a woman.

Following the May 21 elections, Malawians have been holding protests calling for Ansah’s resignation saying she failed to manage the elections.

But White said the demonstrators are targeting Ansah because she is a woman. The activist called on women to stand in solidarity with Ansah and join pro-Ansah demonstrations on Wednesday.

A video of White in tears while rallying women to support Ansah has been shared widely on social media.

White’s tears have reminded Malawians on social media of the protests she led against Banda.

“I was there when Seodi White and others marched from Kanjedza ground to Civic center. The marchers called JB a prostitute and all manner of obscenities. Seodi led the march. That day she didn’t cry,” Journalist Sellina Nkowani wrote on Facebook.

“She crucified JB,” said a another Facebook user.

A picture of White protesting against the Joyce Banda administration has also been shared online while some Malawians have questioned White’s silence on some issues concerning women.

“Crying for their jobs at stake. Where were they when fellow women were undressed by cadets in Mangochi?, when Ben Phiri demeaned Shanil Dzimbiri? What about when Buleya Lule’s wife cried for justice,” wrote another Malawian on Facebook



  1. If it were a gender issue this Seodi White must be reminded that Ansah is not the first woman to manage elections we had Anastasia Msosa she gave a noble service to the nation. Everybody remembers her as a heroine BUT this Ansah the issue is NOT her gender BUT Tipp-Ex. So they can cry as much as they might need BUT the fact remains that a very good section of the people in Malawi are aggrieved by what that lady did.

  2. The first MEC chair lady was Anastasia Msosa who did an incredible job and this is not a gender issue, it’s about the INTEGRITY of Jane Ansah as MEC Chair. She must accept the responsibility that she messed up. Again I write it’s not about Male or Female. Malawi deserves better than what pipo think is best. Sending White is 100% a hypocrite and let them walk naked cos they can’t walk naked. They will just wear the bikinis and G-Strings cos they can’t show their private parts openly. Seodi stop fooling the country cos you may not even take off your pants and if they walk in their birthday costumes what is it they want to achieve except images posted on social media and children seeing the nude of their parents and it will make matters worse than before. Stop this nonsense of yours.

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