DPP aspirant assaulted for giving money to voters


Nsanje South West DPP Parliamentary candidate, Helen Buluma, has been rushed to Nsanje District Hospital after being heavily beaten by monitors and voters  who found her distributing cash at Dinde primary school polling centre.

According to health officials Buluma was rushed to the hospital in unconscious state.

Buluma: assaulted

Nsanje police officer in charge was not immediately available to comment on the issue, however some police officers who are now on the ground making investigations on the issue have confirmed the development.

“It is really true that she has been beaten by monitors and other voters who saw her dishing cash to some voters. Her phone and money has been stolen,” said the source.

Source: Mana



  1. This is a sign that this has been happening in many polling stations but people were not caught.MEC got to investigate

  2. Actually Helen Buluma must thank her heavenly creatures. She is still alive. In 2024 she will be more discreet.

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