Parliament launches health and safety policy


Parliament of Malawi has launched a workplace wellness, health and safety policy.

The launch took place on Wednesday at Parliament Building in Lilongwe.

Speaking with reporters, former Speaker Richard Msowoya said the policy is important because it will enable the employees to work in good environment.

Msowoya: the policy is important

Msowoya added that the wellbeing of employees at any workplace is very important since they are the ones who contributes to success.

“It’s a happiness at work which contributes to productivity and these policies and guidelines should be followed in order to avoid things like stress” he explained.

Msowoya went on to say that stress contributes to a lot of problems in the workplace and he asked seniors at Parliament to look into the issue seriously.

The policy highlights that workers need to exercise to stay healthy, to have safety equipment such as fire extinguishers for their safety during fire incidents and to make sure they are protected from communicable disease such as HIV and AIDS.

The occasion was spiced up with a performance by Lulu as well as Dzaleka Dancing Troupe.