Two Zimbabweans arrested for illegal entry

Mwanza border

Malawi immigration authorities at Mwanza border have arrested two Zimbabwean nationals for illegal entry.

According to Mwanza border public relations officer Pasqually Zulu, the two have been identified as Tawanda Zungunde aged 25 and Makoni aged 23.

Mwanza border
Mwanza border

Zulu said Tawanda Zungunde was using passport number BN 708962 issued on 13th Jan, 2009 which expired on 12 Jan, 2019 while Lawrence Makoni had nothing to allow him get into the country.

He said the two were nabbed during routine checks which were done by immigration officers at an ad hoc roadblock mounted 2Kms after Mwanza border on Saturday April 13th, 2019.

The publicist said the two have been detained at Mwanza Police station waiting to be taken to court.

Meanwhile, the department is requesting the general public to inform the Police or immigration and other security agencies of any suspected undocumented migrants in their localities.

The immigration department has further urged Malawians to avoid aiding and abetting illegal immigrants since it may pose a threat to national security and social economic development.



  1. Release them. How many Malawians are in other countries without documents? Even right there in Zimbabwe, you will find Malawians without documents. Go to SA you will find Malawians without documents many of them. Just send them back to there country than bringing them before the court.

  2. Mchesi, Biwi is full of illegal immigrants from Tanzania, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda……& our immigration and police knows them very well. They are selling kanyenya, cutting our hair…..and even giving our girls stds

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