Chagwa Dam in Zomba weakens


Zomba residents have been warned to prepare for more flooding as Chagwa Dam which is on top of the Zomba Mountain is likely to burst.

This is according to a statement from the Ministry of Homeland Security through the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) which has been signed by the minister responsible, Nicholas Dausi.

cracks at Chagwa dam

He said the flood risk is due to heavy downpour which has hit hard most parts of the country and Zomba in particular.

The minister reported that due to the heavy rainfall in the district, one of Chagwa Dam’s embankment has been eroded hence the warning that it is likely to burst.

“The Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) through the ministry of Homeland Security, would like to warn people living in areas around Zomba city of possible flooding due to the weakening of Chagwa Dam located on top of Zomba Mountain.

“The dam which is at a distance of approximately 14 kilometers from the district council offices, has had one of its major embankment eroded due to heavy rains,” reads part of the statement.

The ministry has since urged people living around Zomba city and along Mulunguzi river banks to be on higher alert and devise quick evacuation plans in case of an emergency on the development.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the ministry is engaging engineers to reduce the volume of water in the dam which measures 300×100 as they are developing a lasting solution.

In Zomba, hundreds of families are already in need of assistance due to floods that have occurred in the area.