Govt warns of bogus Chinese websites

Malawi Government through the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation has urged Malawians to take caution when buying different merchandize from China using shopping websites.

According to a press statement from the ministry, this is due increased cases of several Malawians being robbed by some online traders from China who are reportedly bogus and are also using fake websites.

The ministry said through its embassy in China’s Beijing it is receiving numerous complaints from Malawians duped by bogus online traders from China.

It is reported that several Malawians asked the embassy to trace individuals whom they have done business with claiming they gave the traders cash without receiving their merchandize.

Malawians have also complained that as soon as these fraudsters receive money from people wanting to buy something, they immediately disappear hence need to be heads up on the matter.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation would like to warn Malawians wishing to buy merchandize from China to vigilant as some of the purported online traders could be bogus.

“The ministry through its embassy in Beijing, in the People’s Republic of China has received numerous requests from Malawians to trace traders whom they have already paid for merchandize not yet delivered,” the statement said.

Government has since urged its citizens to verify the legitimacy and asks for physical presence of dealers before paying for goods intended to be bought with the aim of reducing such incidents.

It has further assured Malawians of its support and has since urged them to approach the ministry to help in verifying any website or dealer’s existence in China before doing transaction.