UTM denies Mutharika’s claims


UTM has rejected President Peter Mutharika’s claim that Vice President Saulos Chilima funded the protests which Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) organised last week.

The party’s spokesperson Joseph Chidanti Malunga described Mutharika’s accusations as “crazy allegations”.

Mutharika said Chilima sponsored APAM

Malunga also called on the Malawi leader to show evidence for his claims against Chilima who is also UTM president.

On Monday during the swearing-in ceremony for the commission of inquiry on the attacks, abductions and killings of persons with albinism, Mutharika said Chilima’s plan is to destabilise the government using protests.

“We have heard from credible sources that Dr. Saulos Chilima is funding APAM in order to engage in anti-Government activities. Chilima’s wishful dream is to destabilise my Government and hopes to come into power through the backdoor by using people with albinism,” Mutharika said.

He also accused UTM Director of Youth Bon Kalindo of persuading a prisoner to make a recording that claimed that Mutharika is involved in the killings of persons with albinism

“We now have witnesses who are testifying that one UTM member, Mr. Bon Kalindo, connived with one prisoner in order to create a recording that formulates an impression that I was involved in the events we are complaining about. This malicious recording was circulated on social media with that malicious intent,” Mutharika said.

In his speech, the Malawi leader attacked Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera for promising to end the attacks against persons with albinism if he (Chakwera) gets elected in May.

Mutharika said Chakwera should end the attacks now so that persons with albinism should stop suffering.

The commission which Mutharika has instituted has from this 5th March until 30th April to conduct the investigations. It is headed by retired Justice Robert Chinangwa.

Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe, activist Abigail Dzimadzi and Grace Massah come as members.

Paramount Chief Kawinga, George Jobe, Hilda Soko and Brenda Vokhiwa Kapenda are the other members.



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  1. Looks like our president is blaming both his political threats (Chilima and Chakwera) left and right for everything. Problem is that he rarely has correct information. His so-called advisers are feeding him with incorrect information and he is taking it as the gospel truth. He should also control his temper otherwise high blood pressure may take him down. At his age it is important to maintain a normal blood pressure. In this game, ‘when the going gets tough, its the tough that get going’ and it is clear who is not tough.

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