Airtel to build tower at Chizumulu Island

Charles Kamoto

As part of its ongoing investment towards the expansion of network coverage in rural areas, Airtel has announced plans to roll out network site on Chizumulu Island.

In a press statement, the company stated that the site which will be the first ever on the island is part of an ongoing exercise to roll out new 2G/3G network site in the country’s rural areas.

Charles Kamoto
Kamoto: We want to reach rural areas

“We have so far rolled out over 50 brand new network sites across the country since April last year, as we would like to reach out to customers in the rural areas” Airtel Managing Director ,Charles Kamoto explained.

Kamoto went on to say that the aim of the new sites is to afford more people the opportunity to connect with others and create opportunities on the network.

Meanwhile, the first consignment of equipment has already been ferried to the site with the anticipated date of commission being April this year.

Airtel Malawi provides 4G/LTE, 2G G and 3G wireless networks as well as high speed fixed broadband internet services.

Airtel Malawi was established in Malawi in 2010 as a subsidiary of Bharti International.