ACB arrest businessmen over K10m bribe


The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested three businessmen for attempting to give a K10 million bribe to a Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officer.

Kashif Gilbert and Abbas Nasser were arrested last week Thursday, March 7th for aiding and abetting another businessman, Youssef Abdul Khalek Nassour, to bribe a Malawi Revenue Authority manager over tax evasion files.

Corruption Bureau’s publicist, Egrita Ndala, the two planned to give K10 million to MRA manager to ensure that files of tax evasion case against Youssef Abdul Khalek Nassour go missing.

Ndala said the three businessmen travelled from Lilongwe to give the money to the MRA manager, however, the manager reported the matter to the police and the two were arrested by police in conjunction with ACB just after producing the cash.

Meanwhile, the two on Tuesday, March 12 were denied bail after the state objected to their application. They are expected to appear before court today for the magistrate to rule whether they should be given bail or not.

Kashif Gilbert and Abbas Nasser are likely to be charged with aiding and abetting corrupt practice contrary to section 35 of the corruption practices act.

On the other hand, Youssef Abdul Khalek Nassour is likely to be charged with corrupt practice with a public officer which is contrary to section 24(2) of the corruption practices act.