UTM wins election opinion poll

Michael Usi

Vice President Saulos Chilima’s UTM has won a 2019 election opinion poll conducted on Facebook with 56 percent of voters saying Chilima will likely win the 2019 presidential elections.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani conducted the poll on Facebook over a period of 24 hours starting from yesterday.

Chakwera with Chilima: Poll says Chilima is favourite for 2019 polls

According to Kenani, 2,670 people viewed the poll and 1,860 (70 percent) voted.

For the poll Kenani asked: “Which political party, in your view, will win May 21’s elections in Malawi?

Chilima’s UTM won the poll with 1,055 votes (56.7 percent) followed by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) with 680 votes (representing 36.6 percent of the votes).

The Democratic Progressive (DPP) came third as only 68 of the voters thought the ruling party could win the 2019 elections.

The United Democratic Front got 38 votes while the People’s Party received two votes.

According to Kenani, 67.8 per cent of the voters are based in Malawi while the rest live outside Malawi and, therefore, may not be likely voters.

He warned that the opinion poll has severe limitations since it was conducted on social media.

“These are social media results. They may not be a reflection of the situation on the ground. In Malawi, internet is not available to the majority of voters,” Kenani said.

He however noted that 86 per cent voted from their mobile phones, while 14 per cent did so from their computers.


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  1. Thanks Malawi my lovely country I have this comment for you our readers on Malawi we always love you but the problem is when you win you don’t even care about us you always take care your familys I’m from mzimba Malawi I see when is the time for come pen you come to show us your face after you done you don’t want to come back to see how people the are suffering in mzimba so now we see many president coming to promise us I’m going to do this and this we know that you do already I’m sorry for this but I’m crying about my family’s on mzimba what we have done long to our Malawi

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