MCP demands Dausi step down

Albinos Malawi

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has demanded Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi to step down over his recent remarks about persons with albinism.

In a statement yesterday signed by publicity secretary Maurice Munthali, the party said Dausi should apologise to people with albinism and all Malawians for his remarks or step down forthwith as Minister of Homeland Security.

Nicholas Dausi
Dausi told to step down

Earlier this week, Dausi condemned the Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) for planning to hold a vigil at Kamuzu Palace and advised them to exercise patience.

The remarks angered many Malawians and the MCP has described Dausi’s comments as shocking, disgraceful and outrageous especially coming from the mouth of the Minister responsible for the very agencies that are supposed to offer the necessary assurance, security and hope to people with albinism and all citizens in this country.

“This only confirms our fears that this government is spineless and indifferent towards the plight and security of people with albinism in this country. We conclude so because these brutal incidences have been around for too long now without any meaningful intervention from the executive arm of Government.

“What will stop the attacks on and killings of people with albinism from happening in this country is strong, visionary and decisive leadership along with sense of direction. There is imperative as well as urgent need to free as well as empower the Malawi Police Service to act professionally & efficiently respectively,” the party said.

The MCP has since asked Dausi to apologise and retract his entire statement saying it smacks of irresponsibility and recklessness on the part of Government over the right to life and security of people with albinism.

The opposition also wants the DPP Government to declare the abduction and killings of people with albinism in this country as a National Crisis.

“The DPP Government must publicly assure Malawians of the safety of people with albinism by among other measures, taking the pieces of advice from Dr Lazarus Chakwera who mentioned of releasing the funds provided for in the national budget for protecting lives of people with albinism.

“We call upon President Peter Mutharika to Do His Job by being decisive, responsible and strong enough so as to instil trust and assurance in the hearts of people with albinism, a community which is hitherto endangered under his watch as Head of State,” says the statement.