God entrusted DPP to develop Malawi – Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika has said God entrusted him and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to develop Malawi.

Mutharika made the remarks when he graced the DPP Fundraising Luncheon for the Eastern Region at Zomba State House.

Mutharika and the First Lady at the dinner

The president said the DPP occupies a very important place in the history of Malawi. According to Mutharika, Malawi Congress Party came to end colonialism, the United Democratic Front came to bring democracy and his DPP has come to develop this country.

“We have a very important job to do for this country. After many years of many Malawians suffering in poverty, it is our duty to develop this nation.” Mutharika said.

“This is our duty! This is our mission! There is no question! Every reasonable Malawian agrees that we are developing the country. It is only people who choose to be blind who cannot see the development we are doing.”

Mutharika then urged all DPP members to always remember that the party is in power on trust of the people and he encouraged them to serve the people well.

He also asked all DPP members to be disciplined as DPP values discipline.

“I ask you all to be disciplined and responsible. We have made strides because we are a responsible and disciplined political Party!”

According to the president, his government is delivering and is committed to developing the Malawi.

“And we promised that in our manifesto. We must make sure that the DPP continues to be united, disciplined and strong for us to deliver more development. That is what Malawians want.

“Together, you and I will march to the last mile victory!” He added.



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