Youngster opens up on Wanderers disappointment

The Youngster who signed for Be Forward Wanderers last summer is, in this year’s summer, back at Tigers FC and has opened up on his ephemeral stay in blue and orange colours of the 2017 Tnm Super League champions.

Dan Kumwenda, a highly valued player last year has, in an exclusive interview, described his smoke-filled exit from the Nomads as unfortunate but deems decision to terminate the contract he had with the club until 2020 as right.

Kumwenda will be back at Tigers.

“To me it was the right decision to make. It was a difficult decision but considering my tomorrow it was right to leave big club Wanderers,” he said.

What led to the discordant exit?

It looked like a successful move for Kumwenda and a great purchase for Wanderers as the young midfielder had a promising start following his move.

It is said late Jack Chamangwana reveled in the boy’s ability and progress at Wanderers even if he had few minutes under his belt. The fans liked the youngster’s potential too. But why did he leave so soon? Did he flop?

The youngster made 7 league appearances, 3 starts and 4 from the bench but still salvaged 3 assists. Not bad for a midfielder.  Well the stats might not be the straight answers but really tell you about a bright potential he was at Wanderers.

As bright as he was, his stay was short. The reason of his surprise departure was less down to his on-pitch displays. Dan Kumwenda has said he was left to decide his exit and blames Wanderers for failing to keep its promises.

“I know I could have done more at the club but I look at my Wanderers stay as successful.  What went wrong is that Wanderers did not stick to our agreement. We agreed I would be paid my 2.5 million kwacha signing fee after 2 months. It did not happen and I decided to part ways with the club.

Be forward wanderers
The youngster was with the Nomads.

“I thought; if they are unable to pay me when I’m fit and playing well, then it will be very difficult for them to pay me when I get injured or when my standards start to drop.”

What now of him?

The 22 year old returned to his old club Tigers FC despite a lengthy period of sour contract negotiations and without playing football.

However there are no signs of rustiness as he has quickly resumed the position of the playmaker for Robin’s Tigers. He has played almost every single game in all competitions, scoring two goals and providing an incredible number of 7 assists in 8 games since his return.

How the world goes on so fast! Since his return he has faced his former team Wanderers twice already. Both times it has been hard to ignore the future threat of him returning to hunt down the Nomads. The question will be, ‘can he?’

With Kumwenda repeating the same form that encouraged Wanderers to part with a reported good fortune, there’s high possibility big teams will soon come for him again. On the other hand, Wanderers might, one day, be reviewing the decision to let the youngster go.

When asked about his next ambition and if he is gunning to prove that Wanderers should have kept him, the 22 year old answered, ‘when I came back at Tigers, boss Robin Alufandika welcomed me happily and told me to work hard and prove them wrong. That’s what is happening now.”

Surely there’s no doubting him, if he gives it a little more than just lip service, that’s what is happening now. He is full of potential. Wanderers were convinced by this potential to sign him. The Nomads were heading to compete in Africa and apparently went to the bank to top-class its squad and that simply justifies his class as he was one of those good-enough-for-Africa recruits.

What next?

As the second half of Tnm Super League continues Tigers are tasked with Nchalo United, a fixture in which Dan Kumwenda will look to continue his bright form and keep big teams’ eyes on him.

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