Police officers cause riots at Bvumbwe

Malawi police

Riots broke out on Tuesday at Bvumbwe trading centre in Thyolo after police assaulted a student.

The police were enraged upon seeing the cyclist identified as Fletcher Frackson not getting off the bicycle whilst crossing a police roadblock at the trading centre.
According to the officers, it is not allowed to ride a bicycle through a roadblock.

Malawi police

    Residents during the fracas

Eyewitnesses said the police officers told the cyclist to go to their office at the roadblock and while there the law enforcers beat up the cyclist.
This drove the eye witnesses to stone the trading centre and block the road to Limbe with tree branches and big rocks in seeking justice.

In an attempt to control the situation, police officers from Limbe Police joined their colleagues from Bvumbwe and together they teargased the angry community members.

Some protesters fainted but others continued the riot while singing songs expressing anger towards the police behavior and the government.
Limbe Police deputy spokesperson Patrick Muss said the protesters damaged Bvumbwe Police Unit’s office building.

He added that the police are investigating the incident and will arrest community members involved in the riot.



  1. Was this issue worthy beating someone ? Was dialogue not available in those officers ? Let’s not vent our anger on small matters like this one.

  2. Police officers of Bvumbwe police station were only having jelous of that student because they didnt go to school,most of them are still using STD8 certificates until now.A student is not supposed to be beaten but only to let him know that he did wrong to pass on a prohibited place.Government must fire that police officer because some political parties gonna get the chance of tinting out the ruling party that it is killing students but while it is only a problem of a savage officer who doesnt know which is right or bad to do on a particular time.Akanakhala kuti wapangidwa zimenezoyo ndi mwana wanga,ndithu ameneyo akanandimva madzi chifukwa chimenecho ndi chibwana.Akulephera kuwamenya anthu odutsa ndi matumba a chamba koma akumawamenya ana opita ku school?Mind you police officers of Bvumbwe.

  3. Sounds like a dictatorship if the investigation doesn’t include looking at whether the police officers assaulted the young man. There’s alot more public than police officers.. if they deal with this in an injust way, eventually ot will be the police who will be living in fear.

  4. Malawi samalani if you are called police Officer doesn’t make you different from anybody
    Be careful

  5. Why not punishing the police officers who started the fracas?

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