Atupele Muluzi warns Malawians on open defecation


Malawi Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi has expressed shock over continued open defecation and urination despite efforts of government to end the malpractice.

Muluzi has warned that if the malpractice is not curbed, Cholera will still keep on claiming lives of Malawians.

Writing of his official Facebook page, the minister said that comments on social media that the issue of open defecation should be handled by junior government officials and not Ministers is a good approach since the fight needs collective efforts.

Atupele Muluzi
Muluzi has sent the warning.

“I have been Minister of Health and Population for a little over a year now and have already managed one cholera season. I can say with first-hand experience how vital it is that Malawi moves quickly into the 21st Century.

“It saddens me that there are still parts of our country where it seems to be acceptable for neighbours to openly defecate and urinate in public. Not only is this enormously disrespectful of their community, but it significantly raises the risks of the spread of disease,” Muluzi said.

He then advised Malawians to change in order to improve their environment and deal with the deadly Cholera disease.

“This means changing our mindset – we cannot expect donors, charities and others to do everything for us – We, Malawi, must change. If you want things to change, the first thing that must change is you.” Muluzi said.