‘No ferrying of supporters during the DPP Primaries’

The Democratic Progressive Party-DPP regional governor for the North Kenneth Sanga has warned its party aspirants contesting in the coming DPP primaries in Mzimba not to ferry supporters to vote for them and win.

Kenneth Sanga
Sanga- we will not tolerate ferrying in of supporters.

Sanga made the warning Sunday at a development rally in Mzimba soon after Minister of Transport and Public works Jappie Mhango launched the construction of Mzimba and Mnjiri bridges in the district.

Sanga allegedly said he is aware of tensions and infightings among DPP candidates especially in Mzimba Hora and Solola constituencies, which he believes might bring chaos during the primaries.

The fierce battle during the DPP primaries in Mzimba will be in Mzimba Hora constituency where former MP and Cabinet Minister during the late. Bingu WA Mutharika period- Henry Mumba is challenging the incumbent MP Rev. Christopher Mzomera Ngwira, while in Mzimba Solola constituency former MP Ackim Mwanza will battle with the DPP Governor for Mzimba district Fikani Nyirenda.

Sanga said, “We want to conduct a free and fair primaries this time, hence as a party we will not tolerate any corruption, misbehaviour and ferrying of supporters on Lorries from elsewhere.

“No candidate should buy supporters or ferry supporters to vote for you. Let those in Chikangawa vote in Chikangawa, same as Manyamula and other places. If we will hear of such malpractices the party will not relent, but take action.

Mzomera Ngwira
Ngwira- to be challenged by Mumba.

“Let the candidate people want win the primaries, and let the loser admit and support the winner. At this crucial moment, put your personal needs aside, work together to make DPP win the 2019 elections. I am aware that you’re fighting and pulling each other down, this must stop especially in Mzimba Hora and Solola constituencies.”

In their speeches, both Ngwira who is DPP deputy national campaign director and Mumba said they are ready to mend their indifferences and work and support each other and support the one who win the primaries and wished each other well.

Fikani Nyirenda also said him as a district governor, he will support any candidate who wins during the primaries and called his challenger Mwanza to play safe.

“May God be with you, I am ready to support and work with you for the betterment of the DPP party and President Peter Mutharika,” said Mwanza on his part.

Jappie Mhango who is also DPP treasure general said people of Mzimba should not be taken away by other parties that are coming in, but vote for President Peter Mutharika and DPP MP’s and councillors come 21 May 2019.

According to Sanga, the dates for the DPP primaries will be announced soon, and the party will not favour any candidate.