Wrangles at Aford convention


Disagreements over eligible delegates have marred the Alliance for Democracy (Aford) convention underway in Lilongwe.

One of the candidates contesting for President Frank Mwenefumbo said his opponent Enoch Chihana does not agree with the list of delegates representing all the districts.

Chihana: I will remain president

Mwenefumbo accused Chihana of being a dictator because he is using his powers as if the party is his personal property.

“What kind of president is he? He went abroad in January and came last week saying that he want to be a president and how he can know all the delegates this is not fair.

“We are tired we want to see a way forward people have been here since morning, they have been starving because of this,” he said.

Mwenefumbo said that all they want are fair elections and no one will leave the convention hall without knowing who will be the leader of the party.

In his remarks,   Chihana blamed the party’s secretary general Christopher Ritchie for the delay to vote.

He however said he is not worried about the delay since he will remain Aford president if voting fails to take place.

The Alliance for Democracy convention was supposed to take place on 29 April but was moved to today at Don Bosco in the capital city.

Delegates to the convention have come from all parts of the country.

The winner at the convention is expected to represent the party in next year’s elections