Catholic Church issues Pastoral letter; sidesteps Priest’s involvement in albino murders

Malawi Catholic Church Pastoral letter

Just days after the CCAP Nkhoma synod issued a Pastoral letter, the Catholic Church in Malawi has issued their own.

The letter which has been read in all Catholic Parishes in Malawi this morning has, among many things, sought to be the guiding light for the Church faithful as the 2019 polls approach.

Malawi Catholic Church Pastoral letter
Ignored: Father Muhosha

The letter has discussed the necessary qualities for the leader whom people should vote for. Such qualities include honesty, God-fearing and one who would not cling to power.

The Church has also lamented the lack of intra-party democracy in Malawian political parties especially at this time that parties will be choosing their representatives in the elections.

However, it has been noted that the Church has stayed quiet on the evil of people murdering Malawians living with albinism.

Earlier this month, a Catholic Priest Father Dr Thomas Muhosha was arrested in connection to the brutal murder of Mcdonald Masambuka, a person living with albinism.

Commenting on the letter, Felix Unyolo said it had addressed pertinent issues.

“The letter has addressed pertinent issues relevant for this time,” said Unyolo.

He however added that the silence on the murder of persons with albinism was worrying.

“Now that the Church is directly involved in the murders, that letter should at least have contained an apology,” said Unyolo.




  1. Sure uku ndiyedi kusowa zokamba nanga Muhosha is the catholic church? Its Muhosha to apologise to the catholic church. Mind you all people in prison are moslems , christians, hindus etc and even none believers. So why should we say the church is involved in this case? Please let us be objective. For example most suicide bombers or people involved in terrorist activites are of muslim faith, so should we conclude that moslems are terrorists? I dont think it could be fair at all because most moslems are peace loving people.

  2. “Now that the Church is directly involved in the murders, that letter should atleast have contained an apology,”……..which church???…….mind u its Muhosha not the church…..and an apology kachngat?? kusowa zokamba2 uku,

  3. Its shocking that these days people are busy killing the truth..Love died

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