I am not leaving for Chilima – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika & Saulos Chilima

President Peter Mutharika has declared that he is not voluntarily quitting to pave way for his younger Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Mutharika Chilima
Mutharika ‘looks away’

Speaking upon his return from the United Kingdom, Mutharika said that he will be contesting at the DPP convention and if he emerges successful then he will be the torch bearer for the DPP.

His remarks have come at a time that there have been calls for him at 80 to pave way for new blood and specifically his Vice President Saulos Chilima.

The calls for Chilima to take over from Mutharika were orchestrated by former first lady who also happens to be an in-law to the President, Callista Mutharika.

The calls were joined by other DPP people including Lewis Ngalande, Parliamentarian Bon Kalindo and other DPP youths.

However, the DPP NEC came out fighting in defence of Mutharika and endorsing him for the 2019 polls.

Putting the matter to a rest, Mutharika told a public rally that he is not relinquishing his post for his Vice President.



  1. Of all the people why Chilima? We should go to convention. That is what our constitution is saying. Samangosiyirana ngati malaya

  2. Why must it be,when retirement is ready then you want to leave the power to the brothers,is it the people’s choice or its the president who choose or its like the chief rence that if he dies the son or brother must take over woke up Malawian let’s other rule its not a Mutarika country its malawi

  3. That’s good idea to the Dpp and to the Professor too.Degenitty will be gained too.Let the Dpp top 6 leaders to decide.

  4. It’s the culture of our leaders especially the aging ones. You will learn it hard way, hear it from Mugabe. He also want to make a comeback klk.

  5. No no, Peter this is what we dont need in Malawi, 80 yrs we cant expect you still be a president of this country.
    What else have you left? which means you still need to steal more money? No, we wont take that Peter.

  6. Mr president please if you want Malawi to respect you and have good reputation for yourself and the party, just agree and step down amicably,if you pave way for Chilima it will be for betterment of the DPP and Malawi, know this that you are dividing the votes already.Once you give Chilima now the better and in the history of Malawi multiparty system you will be most respected leaders who ever ruled Malawi.My president be a history maker step down now. In South Africa the torch bearer is mostly a vice president who takes a seat one year before the general election, this helps the incumbent leader to fix some errors by former president and win trust from the people and the public.

  7. Game over Chilima unless you wake up from your slumber. ig Peter has made an open declaration then you too can do likewise. You don’t get to to throne by playing the rule. You should have mastered political rules and protocol in order to break them and this was time. However, you’re already late.

  8. What APM is doing is just to destroy the good image of the party. I wonder why he is clinging to this position. As i was reading the just released Pastrol Letter this morning, one of the issues which are the top most concern among the African leaders is lack of justice within the party. If he is bahaving like this within the party, should we expect him to run this country again peacifully for the interest of citizens or himself? If he was to allow and step down willingly, most malawians would have saluted him. What more destruction is he willing to cause again? He has done his part and the best way he could have done is to let others do their part.

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