ESCOM says illegal connections still a challenge

Escom Malawi load-shedding

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) says it is still losing a lot of money due to illegal electricity connections.

ESCOM public relations officer George Mituka noted that the tendency of connecting electricity illegally is heavily affecting their operations.

 George Mituka-ESCOM
Mituka: We have begun a monitoring exercise.

In January this year the electricity provider disconnected power from 24 households in Lilongwe after finding tenants in alleged illegal electricity connection.

Blantyre is also one of the cities where these illegal connections of electricity are rampant especially in densely populated townships such as Ndirande, Bangwe and Mbayani.

Mituka said the corporation has since begun a monitoring exercise to deal with the malpractice.

He added that people found using electricity illegally will be fined and the house from which the electricity has been connected will lose its electricity connection until a fine of K100, 000 is paid.