Demos divide CSOs

Several Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have spoken out against the 27 April demonstrations which fellow CSOs have organised to protest against the K4 billion fund.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe, the CSOs under the tag concerned citizens said they do not see any reason for the demonstrations since the money will not be used by Parliamentarians but will be allocated to constituencies.

Bright Kampaundi
Kampaundi: Has asked CSOs to stop politisizing the issue.

During the briefing, Bright Kampaundi of Forum for National Development (FND) said Parliament is a key player in the budgetary process as it provides scrutiny and oversight on public funds and all forms of accountability hence the issue of K4 billon must be followed through implementation of the rural development projects.

He advised the CSOs that have organised the protests to desist from politicising the K4 billon fund and to stop deliberate misinformation and misrepresentation.

“We are concerned with the grave misrepresentation of the issue that the money will be shared among Members of Parliament who voted against electoral reforms,” he said.

The concerned citizens also opposed calls for Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe and Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa to resign for their roles in initially allocating the money to 86 Members of Parliament.

They observed that the civil society organisations behind the demos and calls are depriving citizens of development.

They then encouraged government to implement the rural development projects under the K4 billion fund in accordance to the constitution and the public finance management act.



  1. Mr man we want to catch The Goodals and let them stop the theft minds the issue is that the money was about to be stollen only that they have been caught and they change gear to find an escape hiding constituencies if you are also part of the deal don’t discourage us if I can ask you Mr man doese Parliament know where the 4billion came from? Did concerned sellectef MPs present their development specifications to Parliament? Let me enlighten you hear because some of you just start organisations just to make yourself popular and rich if the money is identified where from and well specified as on what to be deployed for in constuencies the programme will go a head but if Gondwe fails to explain where he got the money it like the father is stealing the money from his sons bank account to find it to the daughters bank account which is wrong why not tel the son to give money to his sister ? So was say the father is not intending to put money into the daughters account the father wanted to steal the money so he changes gear because he has been caught let us stop this cleverness by this Gondwe ASN his team

  2. Change your tact CSO’s if you’re to be effective. I think the masses are tired of having to walk just to effect change. Be strategic in your approach and focus on voter (civics) education targeted to the youth who form a bulk of voting population.

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