MBC continues MCP jabs as Chakwera calls for unity

Lazarus Chakwera.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is not just preparing for its convention but also getting acclimatized the hard way to jabs it is getting through state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

MBC has been running a programme called Never Again (Sapita Kawiri) – in which the broadcaster interviews victims of MCP atrocities in the one party era about 25 years ago in a bid to convince Malawians not to vote for the MCP again by.

Lazarus Chakwera.
Chakwera  unshaken

In the programme, the victims who are picked from across the country outline the plight they faced when the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda led the country under the MCP.

Some of the instances include killing of their relations and assault among others. The attacks came to people that were deemed to be critical of the MCP regime or did not give in to ideologies of the government that time.

The MCP recently had their complaint over MBC’s programming to the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) denied.

But MCP President Lazarus Chakwera has called for unity within the party saying the jabs and continued infighting the party is sailing through are only but a sign that the party ‘carries with it hope for Malawi’.

Chakwera made the remarks during a Dinner and Dance Gala at Greek Marquee in Blantyre which was organised to fundraise for the forthcoming party convention next month.

“We cannot afford to be divided. We cannot afford to be distracted. We cannot afford to be selfish. We cannot afford to make unforced errors. There are many forces that want us as a party to descend into chaos. You do not see them disrupting any other party but MCP. You do not see them attacking any other party but the MCP. You do not see them wanting a change of leadership in any other party but the MCP,” said Chakwera.

He added: “That is a sign that the MCP is Malawi’s hope. It is a sign that MCP is the only party that threatens to end this confederacy of thieves once and for all.”
His remarks came a day after vocal MCP member Chatinkha Nkhoma announced her resignation from the party saying Chakwera had failed to contain the leadership of the party.

Chatinkha also burnt MCP regalia in full view of the media she invited for a press conference in Lilongwe.

The MCP leadership had claimed to Malawi24 about a year ago it was aware some members within the party were being given money by ‘other parties’ to cause havoc within the party.

This had come when the party had a filtrated war of words between some of its politburo including Jessie Kabwila and Gustavo Kaliwo among others.

Analysts say the MCP needs to keep its house in order if the party is eyeing the hot seat in the next polls.



  1. Rubbish ife tikati tamvapo za mbc ndiye kuti tikudutsa ma channel ena tikupita kokaonela TIMES TV OR ZODIAK.

  2. Aaa yes unity and freedom izitu ndi zirembo zili pa fundo ya dziko la Malawi .MBC is failing to educate us instead we educate them to build Malawi together.

  3. DPP has cases to answer too, talk Chasowa, Njauju, Mbendera, Lawyer who died in Zambia, 20 demonstrators, all these killed during multiparty time.

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