ACB to investigate corrupt lawyers


The Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) in Malawi has disclosed that it is to probe allegations of corruption among lawyers in the country.

The development follows a letter by Judge Justice Esmie Chombo to lawyers body Malawi Law Society (MLS) on misconduct of some of its members.

Ndala: the bureau is to take action.

Reacting on the matter, ACB has disclosed that it is take action on the allegations of corruption disclosed by Judge Chombo.

ACB spokesperson Egrita Ndala said the bureau is to take action upon analysing the complaint made by the Judge.

Ndala added that the bureau is to meet on Thursday for a possible “warrant of action” on the matter.

Among the misconduct that Malawi lawyers are reportedly to be involved in include “bribing court clerks to prioritize their work instead of legitimate court work”.

Chombo also accused the lawyers of using government resources by demanding stationary services from court clerks.

The lawyers are also reported to have been conniving with court clerks to remove files of some cases to compromise justice in the country.



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