MBC drone threatens security at MCP meeting


A drone belonging to Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) was caught hovering when Malawi Congress Party (MCP) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting was in progress at the party’s headquarters in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

The drone threatened the tight security that was at the meeting as MCP youth suspected that it was being used to spy.


It however fell down when its wireless connection failed and it was taken by MCP supporters.

Police officers went to the gate of the MCP headquarters to reclaim the drone but MCP youth told them they had not seen it since the police officers described it as a plane.

The police later left amid shouts from the MCP youths.

Following the NEC meeting, the party resolved to suspend Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo and fire publicity Secretary Jessie Kabwila.

Vice president Richard Msowoya was also suspended for bringing confusion to the party.

The meeting was attended by only invited individuals but some of them like Kabwila and Kaliwo were absent.

The party has therefore appointed Ezekiel Ching’oma as the publicity secretary and Maurice Munthali as acting deputy publicity secretary.

Meanwhile, it has been said that the party will call for a press briefing to explain what was discussed at the meeting.



  1. chotola solanda. Komaso ngati amajambula zinthu zina why kukagwera ku office ya MCP not ku reserve bank or national bank? manyazi agwile mtengo.

    1. Drone is a small plane with camera on it. It takes a video while flying

  2. What was MBC doing at the MCP headquarters?

    Has MBC started to air opposition party news or being non-partisan??

    I think MCP is getting too weak these days, those so called MBC reporters who we all know were DPP mercenaries and spies, should have been beaten up, or castrated.

    MBC never air news in Malawi but DPP propaganda so what were they doing at the MCP meeting?

    By the way do we have laws in Malawi to govern the use of drones, how on earth can MBC fly a drone over a building full of people without seeking permission……..Here in the developed world drones are not allowed anywhere near buildings, it is a crime and you can be imprisoned if caught, but anyway we all know that Malawi is a failed state with no laws. Anyone including big organisations like MBC can fly drones anywhere with impunity……

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