Activist worried over blackouts in prisons


A prisoner’s rights activist has expressed disappointment over frequent power cuts in prisons.

According to the activist, Victor Mhango, the power outages in the country’s prisons are leading to inmates sleeping on empty stomachs.

Victor Mhango
Mhango: Prisons are supposed to be getting power day in and day out.

Mhango who is also Executive Director for the Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA), wondered why Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) does not make prisons one of its priority areas.

He said prisons are supposed to be getting power day in and day out as is the case with most hospitals.

He has since asked authorities to take another step on the matter claiming that the conditions in most prisons are a violation of prisoners’ rights.

Most prisons in Malawi migrated from the use of firewood after the European Union bought them electric pots.



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  2. I think the gvt lacks common sense,the large sum of cash in buying generators ,should have been diverted to construct a dam and making a hydro electric power station,along the Shire river to boost power,now think of what cost will be incurred in maintaing /refueling those so called gen sets,once damaged they will require spare parts from the manufacturer,black outs will still remain order of the day,we c ant run away from it,and hospitals industries even tertiary institution need power too.

  3. Dziko lathu lino limandichititsa manyazi. Silidzatukuka ndithu kaya ndichiyani chilichonse mulungu anatipatsa but can’t utilize them

  4. Ngakhale kuti mwakamba za ku ndende kokha,kwathu kunoso magetsi amayaka 3 hrs yokha and 48hrs timakhala wopanda magetsi.Azimayi akugona kuchigayo zomwe zikupanga affect tsogolo la ana xool.Pamenepa bolaso kundendeko.

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  6. These so called activists all they do is make useless noise.kodi magesi akumadzima ku ndende kokha?akamati kundende sakumadya coz magesi akumadzimazima,nde kuti ife mmakomo mwathu akadzima tikumadya?

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