TMA awards are back

Following its recent successful launch in April 2016, True Malawian Art enterprises brings back the True Malawian Art (TMA) awards this year.

The activity will run from the 5th to 15th December with the fundamental aim of promoting up-and-coming artists such as poets, graphic designers and musicians.

 Lusu Manda
Lusu Manda: This year we have about 45 artists participating.

Founder and operations director of True Malawian Art enterprises Lusu Manda told Malawi24 that last year’s TMA awards launch was a success and this year they are expected to be even greater.

“Last year we had 35 artists participating and this year we have roughly about 45 artists participating,” he told Malawi24.

In expressing his excitement about TMA awards he said: “It’s truly an honour to be taking part in this life changing event.”

He then urged all artists to look forward to having a proper awards ceremony next year.





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