Hospitals being given solar sets – Muluzi

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Amid rampant blackouts, government with support from the Global Fund is supplying solar power equipment to hospitals in the country.

According to Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi, 85 sets for solar  power will be given to hospitals across the country.

Atupele Muluzi
Atupele: Govt is supplying solar power equipment to hospitals.

“The Ministry of Health with the support of the Global Fund is in the process of delivering 85 solar power sets to medical facilities across the country,” Muluzi said.

He added that the programme will be expanded further in 2018 with the increased funding that the country has received from the fund.

Muluzi also revealed that government is putting in place measures that will see Central Hospitals having power throughout.

“In addition, the Ministry is in discussions to look at a renewable power solution for the central hospitals to ensure that reliable and consistent power can be supplied to these critical care services,” Muluzi said.

Recently, Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) said prolonged blackouts are killing Malawians in hospitals.

According to MHEN, some patients who were on oxygen died during the time it took to switch on a generator after a blackout.

MHEN demanded ESCOM and Malawi government to make sure that health facilities have electricity for 24 hours.

“We, therefore demand electricity in all health facilities 24 hours a day. No load shedding in lines that connect health facilities,” the organization said.

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  2. Is solar energy have a enough power to reach hospital needs? For instance operations, mortuary (diedbody-freezing) etc

    1. Yes it depends who big the circuit is. I have seen few complex that the roof is made up of solar and that power feed more than 83 offices with electricity

  3. Ameneyi wazungulira mutu eti. Myoyo yonse imene ikupita chifukwa cha kuzima kwa magetsi ili pamutu pa iyeyu ndi bambo akewo.

  4. Small minds! Why taking so long? Lives lost because you were stubborn! The money spent on other petty activities like outside travelling , first lady hosting zokonda amayi at state house just s few, we could buy these gadgets to save lives! But this is like buying expensive casscates to the deceased yet we failed to accord him/him with hospital expenses.God help my Malawi

    1. W hat kind of aMan udont want to appreciate?kod nkhani ya magetsi yayamb chakachino?o course bom la Dpp silikuchita bwino,koma tipewe kuweluza zilizonse

    2. Speak your mind! Eversince can you compare the trend being experience this year with before? Ever did we come to the extent if buying gensets before? Did we had these silars before? It means we have sitting on this bomb for sometime carelessly! Then why should we clap hands yet lives were lost! I will speak,we will speak for beloved ones lost! It doesn’t pain you because all is well with you and relatives!So don’t shut me up! I have the right to speak without interference!

    3. Clever your saying the truth,anthu ena chilichonse akuyankhula ndimkwiyo basi,olo mutero ili ndidziko lathu basi,ndiye tonse tikuyenera kulikonda,kunyozana sikungatithandize

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