Govt taken to task over generators


Government has been accused of using generators to steal public funds.

Electricty Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) is procuring generators as a short term solution to power cuts Malawians are experiencing.

According to a statement by ESCOM employees circulating on social media, ESCOM has now under a single source procurement system invited Aggreko to produce 55 megawatts in Kanengo and Chichiri at a tariff of .12 cents/Kwh for a period of 2 years.

Under the agreement, ESCOM is being requested to pay for all the cost of shipping and commissioning of the Aggreko machinery and to pay for the fuel that will run these generators.

Kasungu Central MP Amon Nkhata questioned why ESCOM willl be paying fees to Aggrekko when the electricity supplier will also be buying fuel for the generators.

He suggested that government officials want to steal money through the arrangement.

“Mindful that the board rejected the agreement, but certain powers that be pushed it through, there are some selfish individuals who would like to cash in on these blackouts.
“Can the minister responsible come clear on the truth and position of government regarding these generators? Is it leasing, hiring or procuring because these mean different things,” he said.

Speaking on the same issue, Dedza East MP Juliana Lunguzi noted that government promised to increase power generation capacity by 2016 but did not do so.

She suspected that government officials are creating a crisis in order to make out money of it.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe later told the house that ESCOM is hiring the generators and the power challenges will lessen by the end of January when the process of commissioning the generators is complete.

The ESCOM generators are expected to add 78 megawatts to the national grid.



  1. Talk to Escom Guys both mechanical and electrical engineers. Ask them what should we do. Surely they will give a solution to this blackouts. But you omit them deliberately to steal…..

  2. A country which will never develop. Those billions spent could have been used to buy or boost escom power supply… But theft after theft. I cry for Kamuzu Banda my heart is paining..Imagine how much commission has a procurement manager eat on this generators?????Generators are not a long time solutions but temporaly because of ware and tare. Now they will be theft of diseal.Someone is happy somewhere ..Oh Malawii Driving without a stiring

  3. Anybody with electricity solution please come out….. Tikungotokota apa koma sitikupereka ma solution..

  4. Running and maintaining generators are not easy tasks. Surely this should be a temporary , and possibly a backup. Not a solution to the problem that my mother Malawi is currently facing.

  5. No wonder, what else can the name Banda suggest? more over he’s a foreigner he doesn’t even have third eye to see! May God forgive you,! Only that it takes great man to appreciate another man effort’s,political aside my President and his government they have done tremendous job, Mr Banda I am not surprised to hear what you have suggested that gives me clear picture that ur not belonging to Our Country thus why u have meaningless ideal!

  6. After all, genesets will not help us man! You should look into the cost of running those gene sets! Kufika sikanthu amwene koma penyani muona kuti zimene mukunena mulibe fundo. Nthawi zambiri 96% muona kuti makadeti a DPP amangobvomereza zili zonse zonenedwa ndi Mbava za DPP. Mukutiphera Dziko lathu Anyapala inu Eeeeeish?

  7. Eeeeeeish nthawi yimene amanena Pitala kuti ma genset abwera analidi asanafike kuno Ku Malawi! Mukufuna munene chani apa? Where u like it or not, Prince and all his Thieves are Liars and Failures! Nkhani yama geneset yinayamba liti, aba kangati asanabwere? Sad to be ruled by Bullshits! Thieves! Failures! Incompetent! Zipani zinazi Eeeeeish full of Crooks!

  8. Hahaha ndikuganiza kuti @Chipex utha kusintha ngati utandimvetsa Tili ndi Vuto la Magets right? Everyone knows this, palibe njira iliyonseyo yachangu yoti amalawi asiye kudandaula nkhani ya Magets kuposa kubweletsa ma gensets njira zomwe akuzinena amkandawire it’s long process that will take at least 1-2 years kuti ma Installation onse akhale kuti atha bwino lomwe right, Boma silikukana en I hope yemwe anamvetsa speech ya President political aside, he said he will fix this problem once and 4 all but meanwhile tikuembekezela njira zikuluzikuluzo kubwela ma gensets omwe akuembekezela kuwonjezela 78 Megawatts kwina njira zamakonozo zili mkati kukonzedwa,anthu mukuchita kutseka dala m’makutu kuti musamve kma mutamva kale,once again this politics will take us no where, mkadakonda amalawi Tiyende pamodzi ndi mtima umodzi, @Amkandawire ndikudziwa zolinga zawo akufuna vuto la kusowa kwa magetsi lipilitilire kuti emwe akumuganizila kuti ndiodalayo adzapeze danga hahaha kmatu Mulungu akugendeni ndi Chimwala sure, Chomwe ndikudabwa Ineyo winawake sindimutchula dzina, President atanena kuti kwagulidwa ma gensets anaima pachulu mkuuza anthu kuti ndibodza limenelo boma silinagule ma gensets,pano ma gensts aja afika mdziko muno emweyo without shame akumema wanthu kuti afalitse kuti Boma lilibe Ndalama zolizila ma gensets amagets, right, Malawian are best 4 judge wabodza ndindani lero???????

    Ndidzawafusa amkandiwile ma gensets akayamba kugwila ntchto.

  9. Olo ndikhale mbuli zilibe kanthu, koma chipani ichichi ichi, ichi ndati chimenechi ichi, aha sinzachipatsa olo vote. Itakhala bank note ndebola kusetera rather than giving them

  10. Komano aThomas Sestino munayenera kumvetsa bwino kwambiri. Amkandawire sakutsutsana nanu but he’s talking in behalf of long service and so helpful.mukunena imuzo nzoona. But take a look, ndindalama zingati zomwe zizionongeka pogwiritsa ntchito ma gensets per year and where will those money from ? You can see kut njira zomwe akunena aMkandawire it’s good and it’s once, mwaika mwaika just waiting for maintenance. Let’s stop quarreling rather find better ways to reduce this problem

  11. Wamisala anaona nkhondo, izizi ndi zimene anakana a Malawi pa ma bye-elections, zigonani anthu akukamba zambiri both in town and rural areas.

  12. 78MW generated by diesel would consume about 7,000liters per hour the coat would be approx MK6,000,000 per hour just for fuel. Which is $0.11 per kwhr add to this the hiring coat of $0.12 per kwhr and the total coat if power is not $0.23 on top of this you need to add the $0.09 for ESCOM charge so now the cost is $0.32 per kwhr or mk233/kwhr against a current cost of MK65/ kwhr so electricity costs would go up 350%….yes we are getting screwed by this deal. Also where is all the forex going to come from to pay for 168,000 litres of diesel a day? Putting up Solar and wind turbines is cheaper and sustainable and could provide Malawi with clean and cheap power which is what we need as No one can afford to.manufacture anything when power coats are mk233 per kwhr forget it this is a crazy money making scheme or the people making the decisions are incompetent

  13. Fuso mkumati nanga ma generator akayamba kugwila ntchto lilimero lidzitinji? My fellow malawians this kind of politics will take us no where, what I know 4 sure it takes great man to appreciate another man effort’s take it or not.

  14. What ever that will never affect me in any way. On point of correction. I am not a foreigner but mbadwa yaMalawi. Komanso ndabadwa banja lachifumu. Not mafumu afake. I know umbuli umapangitsa nsanje. I am just speaking on behalf of ordinary poor people. I don’t rely on politics. I work hard for myself. Even if I am well-known I don’t ask favour for that

  15. Even if means anthu 100 anditsutsa kma ngati ndikukamba chilungamo sindingagonje zina muli nazozi ndziwanda zofuna kuzisalira kudya 4 weeks kuti mwina Yehova angakukhululukileni.

  16. Anthu inu zavoteleni MCP,after chaka mudzidzalilanso,kutukwana,kunyoza. By 2019 amalawi ambiri akhala akudwala nthenda ya mtima

  17. Hahaha I wonder why foreigner’s like u Mkandiwire as if ur belongs in blessed land Malawi? Let’s not judge government, njira zomwe mukuzinenazo sitikuzikana kma it’s a long process meanwhile let’s use generators if ur not interested here z exist ?

  18. Stop feeding people kak. People want electricity not generators. Your DPP is the one want generators not people. People want a long-term solution not this madness. Short brain

  19. Stop politicalising everything. Electricity crisis is affecting everyone. Look at different angles. If that money can be used to built hydro power stations across such the country like Kasito river, lweya, then shire river can supply small amount of power to other places. The concern is fuel is bought but water,sun is for free. Instead of generators why not sun*solar. Take politics aside and think as a human being. Easy solve, easy breaks. I still say mark my words those generators will be staked up due to shortage of fuel.

  20. I wonder kuti kya ma generator wo akayamba kugwila ntchto kuti omwe akutumaniwo adzitinji? Hahaha ife ndye tungoembekeza next month akangowapanga install vuto la Magets ikhala mbili soon osafunayo akhale,wina ndye akundifusa ineyo kuti zamomwe adzigwilitsila ntchto fuel hahaha as if momwe boma limagula ma gensets linamuuza kuti asonkhepo hahaha ndikuona ma small boy apa ndye ma poor mindset kma tichapa timitu timeneto ife.

  21. Iwe ndiye mbuzi yeniyeni sindinaone munthu oganiza ngati iwe. Do you know how much a 5.5 kva generator uses every 24/hours and you think our economy can sustain this fuel bills. They are syphoning money meant forbthe poor. These stupid guys plus the finance minister is in the dark kaya anamutenga kuti uyu

  22. Iwe ndiye mbuzi yeniyeni sindinaone munthu oganiza ngati iwe. Do you know how much a 5.5 kva generator uses every 24/hours and you think our economy can sustain this fuel bills. They are syphoning money meant forbthe poor. These stupid guys plus the finance minister is in the dark kaya anamutenga kuti uyu

  23. Thomas Sestino Likhomo Lot you are a fool. Are you telling me that in Malawi we have only shire river? Lweya in Nkhata bay is a big river that can be used to make a dam and install turbines. Lack of knowledge to you is a problem. If they have been experiencing lack of water why not extended the dam. We have sun in Malawi. Why not use solar energy. Mark my words those generators will be stack without fuel that’s when you will remember my words. Fuel generators must be just back up not fore. Don’t forget global warming with that smoke of stupid generators. And if government is struggling to provide fuel for ambulance what more about generator that suck 2000 litres an hr. Since they are here already let’s wait and see but mark my words

  24. Komatu Udakakhala kut ganyu yako yamakaniyi ukupangira kwa Major 1 udakalandira galimoto nawe ngat koma naa kwa pitalayu mmmmm palibe Thomas upezepo

  25. Kma Chithomasi Sumaganiza Bwno Ngat Chi peturo Chopanda Mano Chija If Ur A Malawian U Need 2 Think Deeply So Hu Can Manage To Pay Expesive Erectricty???? Kay Mwina Akwanisa Ndi Bingu Wako Uja Ndi Pitala Kuphatikzapo Chaponda Kubuti

  26. If ur not interested dude or like it u can move to Zimbabwe or South Africa just like Zimbabweans who did not like Former president of Zimbabwe Mugabe,they moved to South Africa, ngati A ESCOM omwewo akukuuza kuti mu Mtsinje wa Shile mulibe Madzi okwana ndye ukulimbikilabe kuti kma Yamadzi Yomweyo Muuze Mulungu wa Chakwela abweletse Chigumula kuti Madzi apezeke,njira zina zomwe ukuzinenazo ndizodula m’bale I think u know about what ur saying, I believe ngati boma linafika popanga plan ya ma Generator 4 short term at moment ndinjira yokhayo yachangu yomwe ingatipatse Magets mwachangu tikudikila Long term and he promise to fix those problems once and 4 0 I am more than glad to hear that.

  27. Use your brain bru. How much is diesel per litre and how many litre are needed to run the engine for 12 hrs? Where are we going to get that money? Why not invest in natural sources like water, solar, or coal. Are you aware that those engines will cause air pollution? Think before you comment. Malawi need long-term solution not this madness. They must build hydro power generators or solar plants. This generators madness will make electricity expensive. And its only few will manage to pay mark my words

  28. OK so this is insane. The Finance Minister says Escom is hiring not buying. And the same Escom will be responsible for shipping and running the generators.. Are we thinking straight here??? Huh??? We need to think global.. And not local….and we were told that by December 22 all will be set. And the article is talking about January.. We’ll soon see who the pathological liar is.

  29. thats how dpp does things. they create a problem deliberately so that they should be the same to come with up with supply to help deal with the same problem. its the same way they did with fuel. n the solution comes with a higher price…. its owez a calculated move.

  30. Do You People Comment After Reading Or Just Comment Out Of Anger ??Its Just Suggestion Of Some Of Mp’s ,not The Situation On The Ground .This Is Malawi And Will Remain Malawi Until The End .The Main Problem I See Is Lucky Of Transparance And Accountability Which Are Core Issues When It Comes To Democracy .Respect One Another So That The Idia Of Warm Heart Of Africa Wouldnt Die.May God Bless Malawi With Strategic Minded People….

  31. Peter and his cabinet are always trying to find new ways to robe Malawians akudziwa kuti ma gensets aja azifuna mafuta ndipo wina mwa Iwo Ali ndima truck ndie akaika magensets aja iyeyo ampasa contract yopelekela mafuta ndie.zikatero DPP yadyapo. Their aim is not to develop this nation but to benefit out of it, ndikulira Bingu Wa Mthalika not zomwe tikuonazi abale.

  32. Be care for this, Malawian if this matter cont….we will remains With poor bcoz industry and factories can’t work with Sorah’s
    Nde akangoti asekedwa ma company amenewa ayiniwake ndikukasegula mmayiko ena chiwelengelo cha azimayi amasiye amene azimunaawo tikumakwatira kujonife nde afikano pa 99%
    Chifukwa munthu sangamakhale ndibanja kusukulu anapita nde azingodalira kuba basi
    Muzalamulirana nokhakha ogwila ntchito m’bomanu
    Wapatrack ulendo ukuchita kusikilabe ntengo pano MWK60,000 mpaka pa Jo’burg wo muziona mwakula mwatha

  33. This forum they are complaining the issue power to be generated through generator,hence,payment attached to it!!!
    Let hear our Parliamentarian could help

  34. so everything that Chakwera raised in his parliamentary speech was correct and 100% perfect?? I wonder why Mr. President just rush to call him a mentally ill amaopa izi eti? Tukuonanitu 2019 pompano

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  36. We’re tired of these thieves, Malawi is now a hopeless nation because we’ve hopeless leaders with no vision but stealing from us, come January 2018, we’ll be hearing different stories and lies

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