Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa sworn in as president, Mugabe blocked from ceremony


Zimbabwe’s Crocodile, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been sworn in as president following Robert Mugabe’s historic resignation .

Mnangagwa, who was unceremoniously fired as vice president, has vowed to be a president for all Zimbabweans and promised ‘democratic’ elections when Zimbabwe goes to the polls next year.

Mnangagwa Zimbabwe President

Mnangagwa sworn in

The Crocodile, as he is fondly referred to, has also vowed to tackle corruption and reimburse  white farmers whose land was seized under his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, and protect foreign investment in Zimbabwe.

“We ask those who have punished us in the past to reconsider,” Mnangagwa said, in a possible reference to years of sanctions and international condemnation over rights abuses.

Mnangagwa took his oath of office in front of tens of thousands of jubilant Zimbabweans who he greeted with a raised fist at a stadium in Harare.

He also paid tribute to veteran leader Robert Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years as his “father” and “mentor” and warned against “vengeful retribution” following worrying details of attacks on close allies of the former first lady, Grace Mugabe, and their families.

Robert Mugabe

Mugabe blocked from attending Mnangagwa’s inauguration

“The task at hand is that of rebuilding our country,” he said near the start of his conciliatory address.

“I am required to serve our country as the president of all citizens regardless of colour, creed, religion, tribe, totem or political affiliation.”

Mugabe barred from ceremony

Despite his reconciliatory sermon, reports indicate that Mugabe was blocked from attending the inauguration.

Senior members of the ruling Zanu-PF party had wanted 93-year-old Mr Mugabe to attend the inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man who deposed him, in an attempt to portray a natural transfer of power rather than change at the top initiated by a military coup.

Robert Mugabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa

Comrades: Mugabe and Mnangagwa (left)

However, Mr Mnangagwa and his allies, it is believed, objected to the proposal vehemently, arguing that it would confer legitimacy to the rule of Mr Mugabe, his wife Grace and their cohorts; and his attendance conceived as an embarrassment for the ‘president elect’.

But Zimbabwe’s state-run Herald newspaper reported that Mnangagwa had assured Mugabe and his family of their “maximum security” and that the two agreed the former president would not attend the ceremony as he needed time to rest.

Mnangagwa, a key Mugabe confidant for decades until they fell out because of the presidential ambitions of Grace Mugabe, will serve until the end of the presidential term next year. However, an election date is yet to be set.




  1. Today u can say that Mugabe is a bad person whill on that time thy work together with mnangagwa part and parcel we people we must t hink caus these politicians are crucks. And I want to advise u people that gv a respect to Mugabe caus u hv got land what Mugabe falt for u. whill other country people says this is our country but thy dont hv land ,all over are belong to the white people please take care u zimbabwean gud b lss zimbabwe

  2. Both Mnangagwa and Mugabe has blood in their hands, for innocent pple they killed to satisfy their political ambitions.

  3. Mugabe sacked the vice delibarately to provoke his resignation by force because he had been cheating his wife that she would take over power to rule zimzamabwe .

  4. Incorridgible lies of the highiest degree. The ‘crocodile’ did not block Mugabe at any point. Give us accurate news pls not this unfounded rumours.

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  6. Zimbabwe should respect Mugabe in all circumstance despite bad relationship created by few individuals but him for decades he has done alot to the pipovof Zim or all as acontinent,pls honour him pls

  7. Thats gud he should cry blood because he didnt want to resign in the first time,zimbambwe was his God,he needs to sit n rest enjoy zizukulu zake waiting for jidgement day,wasala muntharika sopano upita just soon bigboy

  8. We Africans have big problem why not allow him to attend and hand over the government to his predecessor, let love grow and forgive those who did wrong things to us, God bless Zimbabwe.

  9. Thats Not Good To Block Former President.He Step Down, Why They Cann’t Accept Him To Attend The Ceremony? This Situation Tell Us That Emmarson Won’t Bring Democracy In Zimbabwe.