EGENCO distributing Chitetezo mbaula


In its effort to reduce siltation in Shire River caused by careless cutting down of trees along the river’s catchment areas, the Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) has started distributing Chitetezo mbaula in Shire’s catchment areas.

The first beneficiaries of the project were people from Chipamba and two other villages in the area of Traditional Authority Sitola in Machinga district.

One of the beneficiaries receiving Chitetezo Mbaula.

Speaking during the distribution exercise on Tuesday, EGENCO Chief Executive Officer William Liabunya said almost 30,000 households in the Shire River catchment areas are to benefit from the project.

Liabunya said EGENCO in conjunction with United Purpose (UP) thought it wise to distribute these chitetezo mbaula to reduce the siltation levels in their main source of power, Shire River.

The CEO said the Chitetezo mbaula being distributed will reduce the cutting down of trees in the catchment areas since they uses less firewood.

“We are distributing these Chitetezo mbaula to reduce siltation which is heavily affecting the production of electricity in all our power stations which is due to wanton cutting down of trees especially in Shire river catchment areas.

“The mbaula uses less firewood and we think this can help in the reduction of siltation levels in the river since there will be no more cutting down of trees in these areas which are the beneficiaries of the project by us with our partners, United Purpose,” said Liabunya.

 Oh is part, UP program manager – energy, Lloyd Archer, said the chitetezo mbaula can play a significant role in the production of electricity.

He said people in the catchment areas are advised to stop cutting down trees anyhow.

EGENCO will continue with the project next week in Neno and other districts to benefit include Balaka and Zomba.



  1. zokha mbwerela koma agalu amenewa ngati ntchuto yavuta patsani ena omwe angaithe komanso zomanamizira madzi zimenezi zithe ngati ndi choncho pano kwayamba mvula nde tisadzanvenso za madziwo

  2. The best could have been distributing gas stoves for free eee.
    We are still running backwards when our neighbours did the same 100 years ago.

  3. Not the best option agenco bcoz pple deforestrate bcoz of poverty not to in their households eeeee pple in town r the one comsuming charcoal please wake up

  4. NDE moti ma LED flat screen ndi Fridge tidzigwiritsa ntchito mphamvu za mbaula energy? !!
    Nanga phone charging plus zigayo?

  5. Instead of constructing new dams and planting new power generating machines in some areas you are busy distributing chitetezo mbaula I mean what will the non governmental organisation be doing then.

  6. Zopusa bs ife tikufuna magets osati mbaula….kodi mafon tizichaja pa mbaula? Kodi mesa nchto yanu ndiyogulitsa magets ? Fokofu

  7. Nonsense do u think that will help ppo come with proper ideas give ppo what will help not mbaula those mbaula still they will need makala to operate that make ppo to still cut trees…so instead think of giving people affordable electricity yo everyone ..try to make every household use electricity or altenatively shud be gas…then the so called trees will be safe

    1. @dpp woyee cul abwana my point was jst to ask for proper ways of dealing with the problem as this is a national problem..and its not about politics or which party …above all its for everybody in the country as a malawian …so together we can

    2. On point boss, you have also suggested that egenco should provide affordable electricity to everyone but with my narrow mind I think that cannot solve this problem but can fuel the problem of blackouts due to high demand of electricity. Umboni apa ndi vuto la mablackouts lomwe tili naloli. Vutolitu labwera because the dpp wanted to develop the country mu sector ya magetsi through MAREP ndipo magetsi amwazidwadi mmadera ambiri a kumudzi kuiwala kuti escom imakwanitsa kupanga magetsi ochepa, ogwirizana ndi chiwerengero cha anthu munthawi yomwe zipangizo zopangira magetsi zinkakhazikitsidwa.

    3. Now we r on the same issue..egenco and escom r different entities but under the same roof if we can see deeper the problem is simple boss lets all stop play a blame game..its time to wake up..our brains..the escom machinery produces little electricity but shud we dwell on finding temporary solution instead of permanent ones…egenco and escom shud make sure they supply us with electricity and they shud upgrade their power generation to suit the population even extra and i knw its possible…if those on stratigic positions are willing to do so

    4. Ooh! You are right boss. But with these issues of government milking the parastetal being one of parastetals that realise good sums, it won’t be possible anytime soon I think

  8. Its another way of syphoning money. anthu omwe akugwiritsa ntchito makala ali mtown, give them cheap electricity then u will see charcoal miners wil find nowhere to sell their charcoal

  9. Kkkk but it is very very important if I could have known the one who formed that idea to distribute those kinda things! anyway I want to laught at him!. plus nowadays politics and electricity making me feel like oh! yeah! fans-yi ikulephela zithuzi…..I’m following each and every cheap propaganda and real propaganda that only alduts could take.

  10. Mukadzaleso mitengo uko, komaso kuiteteza. Mitengo along Shire river and its tributaries. This is a serious issue.

  11. stop that instead electricity must be cheap and then u will see no-one going into those bushes. make sure everyone using electricity for cooking is subsidized you will see green Malawi in 3years.

  12. I have seen energy saver bulbs being distributed, now mbaula. Inform me when you see them distributing energy saver fridges.

    1. The idea looks good, but we still need massive tree planting campaign along the Shire river banks and also a great deal of civic education especially to communities living along the Shire

  13. Pple be matured in 1949 Kunalinjara yazaone chifukwa kunalibe vula tidziti kalero kunalibe mitengo kapena mukufuna kundiuza kut vula imwabwera chifukwa chamtengo okha let us put our situation in God’s hands

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