Children with disabilities accessing ECD


As government and other stakeholders are encouraging inclusive Early Childhood Development (ECD), over 100 children with disabilities are accessing ECD in ten centres in Chikhwawa.

Malawi24 learnt the progress from Executive Director of Centre For Children’s Affairs Moses Busher during an ongoing ECD Conference in Mangochi district.

Early Childhood Development

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Busher said parents who have children with disabilities in Chikhwawa district are responding well to ECD.

“We are offering good ECD services in ten centres in Chikhwawa district and parents who have disabled children are keen to send their children hence the progress far,” Busher told Malawi24.

He further said that parents should also consider sending their children to ECD centres as it was proven by one child who walked for the first time after interacting with his fellow children.

“A certain parent was happy when his children who never walked did it after interacting with his fellow children at one of the centres at N’gabu. The child would have not achieved this if he was not allowed to interact with his fellow children,” Busher told Malawi24.