Nomads appeal: Accuse SULOM of supporting BB, Silver

Be Forward Wanderers

TNM Super leaders Be Forward Wanderers have made an appeal against Super League of Malawi (Sulom) to have their game against Mzuni FC replayed at a neutral venue accusing the league body of having a bone to pick with Nomads.

On Friday, Sulom ordered for a replay of the match following recommendations from an independent committee which was assigned to look into the matter.

Be Forward
Nomads at Balaka waiting for Mzuni

However, Sulom’ decision has been turned down by the league leaders who are very convinced that they deserve all the three points as Mzuni FC, who caused the boycott, never turned up for the match.

In a statement released by Wanderers on Sunday and signed by the team’ General Secretary Mike Butao, Nomads claim SULOM reached the verdict prior to hearing.

“We believe Wanderers was judged before the enquiry took place and the decision to postpone the game was made before the hearing took place and this compromised the enquiry [because] the General Secretary of SULOM apologized to the sponsors for ‘the violence’ in the Daily Times newspaper and when queried in The Nation newspaper said he had to apologize because it is not good when games are ‘postponed'”, reads part of the statement, in which it says the team had lodged official complaints with SULOM on both occasions.

The Nomads have also questioned Sulom’s decision to include in the enquiry Trouble Kalua and Crispin Sibande, who the the team claims to be staunch Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers supporters respectively despite being this season’s direct competitors.

“We protest against the composition of the enquiry team. Mr. Trouble Kaluwa is a well-known Bullets person. Mr. Crispin Sibande is a Silver Strikers person. Both these teams are our direct competitors for the league title this season being on positions two and three. And curiously issues involving teams to which these two are affiliated have not been addressed at all this season,” claims Nomads.

Butao: SULOM has a bone to pick with NOMADS

The team has also faulted SULOM for the verdict, saying the enquiry overstretched its mandate.

“The enquiry that took place should NOT have come up with a verdict. It was just an enquiry to establish what had happened as even the Enquiry chairperson Mr Sado said in his opening remarks. The next course of action should have been to charge the culprits and summon them for a hearing” said Nomads while defending their supporters who are alleged to have caused the pandemonium.

On Mzuni FC’ decision to leave the stadium, the statement said: “Mzuni never reported inside the stadium. Mzuni never even communicated to Sulom that they were leaving the stadium due to lack of security nor did they request additional security. They simply left, totally disregarding the rules and it was now Sulom hunting for Mzuni to get an explanation. Simply put, they did not report for the match and should lose the match.

“The referee blew the whistle to conclude the match. What should have happened is what happens when one team fails to report for the match and the referees blows to conclude the match. Points are given to the team that is present. Wanderers should have been awarded the match. The enquiry should have taken place, if at all, after the match was awarded and after Mzuni protested,” reads part of the statement.

According to Wanderers, there was no evidence that Mzuni FC officials were assaulted as nobody has come forward to testify that indeed the visiting team was assaulted by the home fans.

“Where is the evidence of assault apart from Mzuni submissions? Almost everybody says they did not witness any assault, not even the police. Even the media have been calling it an alleged violence. Most of the submissions are based on hearsay, what the stakeholders heard, not what they saw.

“Football is a crowd game. How can there be assault on a team at the stadium and no stakeholder sees it? Why has the panel taken every word in the Mzuni submission as gospel truth? From their own submission, Mzuni did not even go to the hospital from the stadium. They went to their lodge. It was Mr. Khonje of Sulom who followed them to the lodge and decided for Mzuni that they should go to the hospital.

“We believe we deserve 3 points from this game and we should not be punished for allegations. Mzuni should have asked for extra security and played the game under protest if indeed their claims of violence and intimidation are true. We should not set a precedent that will be hard to verify or to control later,” concluded the statement.





  1. Most of the people here are just barking in favour of Sulom’s poor decision. Sulom they don’t have enough evidence on what happened at Balaka stadium what they want it’s just money in their pockets from the teams not justice

  2. Mzuni yomweyo kuti wawawa eeish, iyitu ndi SUPA LIG, palibe point yotengera pa tebulo , koma mbali Tina ndikukumvetsani 11 years NDE APA chikudutseni pamphuno sorry

  3. Butao aka precontract vomelezani mubetsa zambiri kunena zoona simungapange za dala kenako muziti ku sulom akukondela mukhaula muona mzuni atibule amenewa

  4. In the first leg Mzuni stoned Wanderers players right on the pitch , no disciplinary action was taken. Anywhere in the world if one team fail to turn up automatically points are awarded to the team on the pitch despite whatever reasons . it is also stipulated that a visiting supposed to play under protest in case there is security breakdown like what happened to Moyale against Bullets. There is now way officials from Silver and Bullets can allow Wanderers to be awarded three points despite that there was no evidence that Mzuni players were assaulted. Where did they report their issue apart from hearsays which SULOM decided to use it as evidence to punish Wanderers . There are several grounds very substantial for Wanderers to appeal this verdict as it lacks substance as football rules are concerned .

  5. This is good judgment don’t change cos wen you change we gonna know that you have something behind the back bhonsopo a sulomu anthu akudikilila mwa chidwi kuti awone kuti munena chani mukango gamula molakwika popeza athu anavakale chigamulo kaya muziwona enawajanso azafuna muwachotsele zigamulo munawapatsa zija

  6. malamulo ampira salola kuti sulom kapena fam izilowerela nthito za ma refree. wanderers game the whistle ws bron to mark the end of the game. zomwe zimatantauza kuti noma yapata sure ya 3points and 2gaols izi zinachitika chifukwa mzuni sinapeleke report(. dandaulo .) kwa refree komanso murtch comisioner ndi a sulom apa ngati zipitirire zimenezi matimu azingo nyanyala game, zomwe nkoyamba patapita dzaka 50 kuno kumalawi ndipo ngatidi pali olakwa singakhale noma koma refree yemwe anaimba pintoyo malamulo agwire ntchito in shot

  7. Asulom mbuzi zachilokolo anajutuma abb ndi silver. Mumazipopa ngati ndinu ophunzira koma ndinu mbuli zachabechabe. Mwapya mitima yanuyo bcoz tili pa top. Anthu omwe mkuononga mpira mmalawi umo ndinuyo ma supota mbuzi a bb ndi silver. Ngati zinaliko anali masapota omwewo bcoz of kaduka, or mupange sanje koma mwanyamla 90kg yamisomali season iyi. Achule stupid zanu ana amahule anakuberekerani ku bar.

  8. Sulom is full of corrupt people, they judged noma before the hearing even started, this so called sulom is indeed anti noma & we r not going to allow few mad guys at sulom to obstruct noma from taking the league. Big up to all nyerere funs

  9. Mmmmmmm noma siyamantha koma yakula ndi nsanje ndi chipongwe sulom akufuna noma isatenge chikho koma chomwe aziwe mulungu si John
    Sikuti mzuni ndi team yo njenjemelesa noma mukunama
    Afiti inu

  10. That is nonsense. The case is or was between Nomads and Mzuni. The judge was Sulom the umbrella of FAM within the referential constitution of FIFA. So where did Silver Strikers and Big Bullets come from? Again, no all cases of the same nature carry the same judgements. There are First Time Offenders and Usual or Every time Vectors ( Behavioural Criminals). You better learn to differentiate

  11. This has come out when wonderers secretary has seen how hard is to defeat Mzuni as witnessed on Mzuni’s game with NBB kkkkkk. Dont blame someone for being a supporter of certain team. Who doesnt know that everyone has a team he or she supports, this is not a point to make. Just play the game and lets expect an interesting match.

  12. I never get surprised though..simply because the two mentioned teams have had enough of FAM…..recall how cups fixtures had been favouring nomads……

  13. when you become desperate for something you fill like being intimidated even those hiccups seem to be far from you…..

  14. Good idea. Sulam is surely things against wanderers. Imposition of bingu stadium, karonga stadium and now neutral ground again why? If the target is to pave way for bullets and silver you have failed. You tried to push noma into edges and here we are laws should apply and de whole justice rather than selective be shown

  15. Saying the fact wanderers was misjudged hence nobody has got evidences that Mzuni officials en players respectively were manhandled by wanderers fans…….Moyale, Karonga en Azam tigers were manhandled but didn’t abandon their games en culprits didn’t apprehended or face any penalty.My question is why only wanderers to be punished for a sin they didn’t en kod malamulo oti team yomwe yakanika kusewera mpira imaluza 3pts alipo or else anatha? Nanga kd anatha liti kapena athera pa wanderers? Sulom beware with Allah en He is watching you

  16. Komano mesa munthu ukamalemba kalata ku Sulom umafuna ulembe chigamulo chomwe apeleka a Sulom kenako ulembe lamulo likusembana ndichigamulocho koma kungopanga. Komaso a Noma uziwe izi sapota amawelengedwa kuti ndi watim ya kuti pokhapokha team akuisapota team ngati wachita chipolowe kumeneko palibe zoichulira Bullets kapena Silver apa kulakwa Komaso kuyambisa zipolowe mpira kutero. Komaso anthu mwawachita chipongwe kumati akanasewelabe underprotest cholinga iwo akasewera ndi mkwiyo aluze inu mutenge mapoints zimene zikuonesa kuti munachita kupanga dala zipolowe ndicholinga mpeze advantage yowinila game

    1. Uli ndi umboni wokwanila kutidi ,anthuwo adamenyedwa kumeneko ?. Game ya nbb ndi moyare padachitika chipolowe kmabe game idamenenyedwa. Ndiye wa mzuni sadafike ngakhale pa ground nkungobwerela kunjila nkumati atimenya ndizomveka zimenezo?. Sulomu pokhala bungwe loona za mpilawo, bwanji adawatsatila amzuni ku lodge komwe adaliriko mmalo mopezeka pa ground ?. Malamulo amatero kpna mudasinthila pa noma ndi mzuni?.

  17. Bullets ndi Silver zikuwakhudza pati? Mantha basi pori awona NBB ikusenderasenderabe basi. Mankhwala akuyipweteketsa noma zizimba game ilk yonse kuyambira ya Chitipa ija ananamizira kamwana ya Bullets ananamizira njerwa ya Mzuni kukakamira kuyamba kulowa iwowo zithumwa basi. Sewerani nawo ma intellectual akubilibinyeni

    1. NOMA ya kana kusewera magame angati zaumbuli bax kuno ku Malawi ilpo team imene sipanga za juju? bullets vs karonga mudatenga kamutu ka mwana wankhumba mmtaninawo? asilver amavala zovala zo nyowa nchifukwa chiyani? kumausata mpira wapa malawi & hl africa

  18. Sulom Mziwe Kuti Ma Team Ena Azapangaso Zimene Mzuni Inapanga Osalowa Mu Pitch. U LL Fail 2 Give Judgement Coz Of Past Mistake

    1. I also view it that way because the clueless SULOM has set a precedent.Beleive u me teams are watching. Mzuni was testing the waters and have seen how SULOM can do. w. will watch football movies

    1. Bullets have been fined in all the games that they were found guilt for example against silver strikers and moyale they were all fined

  19. kkk silver ndi bb chikuwakhuza ndi chani ? silver yatani koma noma ur corwards wy mentioning others team in this matter bola akanati akusapota mzuni ndikanamvesa tere mumasangalala bullets ikamalipisiridwa koma inu mumafuna azikukonderani ngati nyamilandu pepani uku ndiku sulomu chilungamo chioneke APA mwaonesa kulephera kwanu

  20. Mmmm anoma bodza limeneri inu kufarm kunyamirandu munamvapo kuti a bullets akulila kuti aNyamilandu achokeko, anayamba liti kukukonderani, zanuzo msova

  21. As I said already, no violence took place at blk but mzuni knew that they can’t win the game , so had to look for staged accusations with the support of some sulom officials working from behind the scene

  22. Sulom, police and stewards get a share of the gate collections for providing security… Where were they when this was happening? Sulom has failed!!

  23. kunena kuti game iseweredwe zikugwilizana pati ndkuti akusapota Bullets or Silver? Chifukwa choti ali pambuyo panu mukuopa akudusani hahaha palibe zomatenga 3 points yaulere mwauponda mapoints amatengeredwa pa ground afta game. Neba mutu sukugwira kwekwekwekwe kkk

  24. Kodi a nkhumba fc mzuni mukuiwopa chifukwa chani? Sewera naoni musaope, inde tikudziwa kuti akuchinyani koma sewera naoni basi chigamulo chatero,inu mumafuna mungotola 3 points zaulere?machendeanu ndithu!.

    1. EVANCE wasowa Jombo,nyini zamako wamva?ukulirira 3 points chifukwa? Osangosewera mpirawo bwanji,ndikubwerezamso nyini zamako!

    2. I saw with a quick look on evance comment kani a herbart muna2kwanaso ine wa bb but a herbart munalakwa izi ndizampira sitikuyenera kutukwanana Evance Wasowa Jombo Herbert Maonga tiyeni tikhale anthu ngati tonse ndfe amalawi chikondi

    3. Herbert maonga mbolo yosadulayo, panyero pa mayi ako kmanso bambo ako. munthu wopanda pogwira iwe lova wapa malaw pano. ndikt machende a bambo ako. nanyongo wa amako!!!

  25. This game,was supposed to be played at Balaka,was postponed due to untolerant behavior of supporters and players.It is fair to change the venue,if you are appealing to play at the same venue then, It must be a closed door game since Mzuni also suppose to have peace when playing.

  26. Mazoba a nyelele mumakonda kuliralira bwanji? mwaiwala kuti FAM ndiye lawyer wanu! nde mumafunanso Sulom izikupakani mafuta mwagenda katauluka!

  27. A SULOM tawapaseni awa 9 points zaulele league chitengeleni ma player awo akumenya panowa onse asanabadwe,zikho zonse za season imeneyi akunthidwakunthidwa choonde apaseni olo chikhocho tikuwamvetsa!

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  29. Sulom has failed his job n y are acting so bade on Nomads unlike amene sanalowe pa ground yet anthu anali atalipira kale ndalama .
    Ndipo ndi Ku Malawi kokha komwe team imaenda freely yet yalepheretsa game pa zifukwa zawo

  30. Kkkk Akukomenta Ma Fans Enawo Eti Pofunsa Ngat Iwo Ndi Sulom Iyaaaa Tikamenyanso N Tikawinanso 3points Tikatenga Paja Ife Sitidalila Kubelekedwa Olo Kukondeledwa…Ali Juju Amasunga Kamzele Timupase 4games Away From Th Touch Line Kwinaku Tichose #Kamwendo So That Tigers Ikaduse Moyela Kkk Mwagwa Nayo Without JK And Our Goalkeeper Trainer Tawinabe And Tiwina Onse Magame Osala Kti Mitima Yanu Ikuwaweni Kwabasi Mpaka Mufe Ndi BP…League Ndi Yathu Like It Or Not!!

  31. I have heard the prosecutor making judgement in all fairness unless this is football never employ an interested party in the enquiry may in the football court of law it works that way.mwina popeza ku school tinathawira pa window kuopa supplementary exams ndi five pages of essays whose questions have dual answers.I need more lectures here in all soberness.SULOM says the ‘replay’my simple question is ‘was the game played for them to put prefix ‘re’mwina ndikusaphunzira kwangaku.this issue requires objectivity and soberness.koma za mpira sizimagwira ndi kukwiya or eequations and theories are good enemies of football

    1. u are right,even in my point of view,i am of the view that we replay something that was started played and,stoped in due course bt as it is in this curse,mmmmm i think i need sum lectures here

    2. Chabwino tasintha chizungu, tiika “rescheduled” so does it make any difference? Mumenyabe bax Nzuni ma intellectual no fire!!!!!!!! Nothing for free in Malawi

    3. #January don’t just comment for the sake of it. it’s clear Sulom has issues with Wanders, for example bullets is having a game on Thursday why? when the teams are close to the finish and neck to neck the games are played at the same time to avoid match fixing

    4. BULLETS is playing Thursday because on Sunday we will play FISD cup against Moyale.BULLETS has nothing to do with this dude.

    5. Henry January learn to view things from an objective point of view. kodi when a person comments that means he belongs to that team? mumafuna anthu azingoona zinthu zitalakwika?where on earth can u talk of something being replayed?mukungoyang’ana za ma team anu when a person comments muzitiwuza za mateam anu kuti tisamapange analyse zinthu?I believe the topic is best viewed by looking at team ndi bullets ndi wanderers basi?mukatiuza za fire ya bullets ife titani. if u had nothing to respond to my response bwanji osangokhala.

    6. Henry January learn to view things from an objective point of view. kodi when a person comments that means he belongs to that team? mumafuna anthu azingoona zinthu zitalakwika?where on earth can u talk of something being replayed without being played?my concised knowledge tells that replay means it started and then abandoned?did the game start?mukungoyang’ana za ma team anu when a person comments muzitiwuza za mateam anu kuti tisamapange analyse zinthu?I believe the topic is best viewed by looking at team ndi bullets ndi wanderers basi?mukatiuza za fire ya bullets ife titani. if u had nothing to respond to my response bwanji osangokhala.

    7. George dont be an ignorant in this football related matters.If u r a soccer follower do u remember that in the 2011/2012 season i think Man utd lost the league to man city but games were played at the same time.Man utd ina wina game yao ndikumasangalara osadziwa kuti ya man city ikutha bwanji coz ma timu onse amamenya nthawi imodzi.Ndie dont tell me kuti only in a tournament its where games can start at the same time to avoid match fixing even in league games brother..wake up..

  32. akalemba walemba basi chaka chokolora ndi chokolora olo kudzala chitedze umakolora nyemba mufune kaya musafune noma kutenga katunduyi basi

  33. Ana a Mzuni vuto ndewu samatha koma ukakhala mpira Neba amakugwepa mpakwanu pomwe Kaya zathu zayenda pa Mzuni wakhala iwe usaope Mzuni yomweyo akakuyambire pomwe anakusiira last season

  34. aaah zadzii basi,inu mumamenya ndi bullets or silver?….mesa zipolowe munayambisa nokha kuona ngati mutenga mapoints aulere mwauponda

    1. iweyo osati ndiyemwe sunamvese……palibe pomwe akamba za silver or bullets mukhaniyi?……….so ine my interest is not on giving Noma 3points but on why the Noma is implicating bullets and Silver on game between them and Mzuni….. zinazo mukambilana ndiasulom Mr #Kanjangah

    2. Kkkkk Muuzeni Bro…Enawa Amagokwiya Nazo Zampila Ngat Kti Iwo Ndiye Masponsor Ateam Ya Nyasa Ka Nyau…Funso Ndilakti Apeleka Bwanji Chigamulo #Kalua Wa Nyasa Ndi Mzake Uyu Wa Nyau N Wat Do U Xpect 4m Zigamulo Zawo??To Me Kunena Kti Timenyenso Sanalakwe Coz We Dont Want 3points Yaulele But We Have To Sweat For It,,Koma Kusintha Ground Its Nt Making Sense At All Ngati Game Ili Ya Pahome Tikuyenela Kumenyela Pa Den Bax Why Ku Lilongwe??

  35. When you beat the drums of the spirit!! you should also sing and dance their songs… thought they will let you off the hook although you hv broken the rules?? are u crying for free points?? u must finish what u hv started

    1. Iwo Akudalila #WilliamsBanda They Knw Kti Yawo Imawina Always Kuli Konse Sulom Imatenga Side Yawo Am Sure Olo Atapha Munthu Thy Have Pipo To Defend Them.., Mpaka Atayesela Kuwina League Omwe Ali Maloto Okha Okha!!

  36. Just go and play the game at neutral ground. Why are you afraid? Does this mean that you indeed Pre staged all what happened at Balaka Stadium so that SULOM should give you free 3 points. If you are to be real champion; don’t be afraid just go

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